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The Drake Group range now enhanced with Swinglift

Boxloader has acquired the Swinglift brand, and will now supply the Australasian and International markets giving BoXLoader the opportunity to provide the container side loader community with a greater choice from a single distributor, simplifying the process of choosing the best product for any side loader operation or task.

The acquisition of the Swinglift brand by BoXLoader, means The Drake Group, who currently supply and support  the BoXLoader range of container side loaders in Australia, will now also offer the entire Swinglift range of container side loaders to the Australian market.

The Drake Group’s specialist range of O’Phee BoXLoader container side loader trailers launched in 2011, offers a point-to-point transportation solution made with the operator in mind. Each model offers ample structural stability paired with a clever operating system, which maximises the safety of both crane and stabiliser performance.

For 60 years, The Drake Group has made its name in the Australian market due to its steadfast commitment to innovation and reliability. The recently acquired O’Phee Trailer brand helped to broaden the range and continue the growth. Drake Group branded trailers are designed, manufactured and serviced in the country and made for Australia’s demanding road network, one of the toughest in the world.

The company has been at the forefront of new trailer concepts, starting with the Swingwing in 1969 their expansion of their range through the years since shows their commitment to keep pushing new innovations into the market.

The Drake Group currently supplies the Australian market place with a wide range of transport equipment from Drake, O’Phee, BoXLoader, Collectibles and now Swinglift.

Over the coming months, the new BoXLoader and Swinglift arrangement will start to take shape within the Australian and the global marketplace. Swinglift will continue to be manufactured by Swinglift  as it has been however under the BoXLoader umbrella.

The Patchell Group will continue to market the Swinglift range to their New Zealand customers, while BoXLoader and its global partners, including The Drake Group in Australia, will do the same for the rest of the world. All enquiries in Australia should be directed to ‘The Drake Group’.

The Drake Group, O’Phee BoXLoader and Swinglift  have great confidence in this unique partnership which can only bring positive results for the combined product range and therefore to our clients. BoXLoader will not only guarantee their high level of customer service and support but will continue to strengthen its product range while preserving their existing trust and professionalism. As a trusted partner, The Drake Group welcomes the opportunity to supply the Swinglift brand to all new and existing customers around the country.

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