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Customer in Focus: Excavation Equipment

The team at Excavation Equipment (EXEQ) proudly claim that if they don’t have it, you don’t need it, and they have a long-standing reputation to back it up. With a network spanning Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Melbourne, EXEQ services the crushing and earthmoving industry around the country through sales and hire of local and overseas equipment, project management and logistics.

The commitment to professionalism, customer service and building a socially responsible company is why they’re our Customer In Focus for this month. We’re not the only ones who think they’re special – with a litany of awards and pieces of media coverage under their belt, EXEQ are making their name known around the country.

Over the last year we were proud to deliver no less than three new trailers to EXEQ, including two 4×4 Full Wideners. This is by far our most highly-requested model from our range of heavy haulage trailers, and is known for its stability and reliability in all conditions. The model has evolved over the 50 years it’s been available and now comes with hydraulic suspension, hydraulic controlled ramps and LED lighting among many other features. Full Wideners, like every model we design and manufacture, can be custom-tailored for your needs.

Not only that but in January EXEQ took delivery of a Drake Group 2×4 Dolly, which features a low tare and high tensile frame and comes complete with heavy duty rubber bushed spring and rocker suspension and a 90mm turn table. Dollys are a perfect addition to any busy fleet and we can’t wait to see what EXEQ do with it in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing new trailers roll off our manufacturing facility for EXEQ and we thank them for their continued support over the years. If you’re in the market for a reliable Australian-made heavy haulage trailer, get in touch with The Drake Group today.

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