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Drake Wrapped 2021 – Counting Down Our Top 12 Trailer Posts

We’re *wrapped* to celebrate another year of The Drake Group. You may have noticed we’ve been ramping things up a gear with sharing our trailers on social media in 2021.

We share content almost daily on Facebook, and regularly post news, videos and photos to Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube too. That’s not to mention Tik Tok, where you’re going to see plenty of Aussie truckies and Drake fans alike loading videos of our trailers loaded up out on the road. Check out #thedrakegroup #draketrailers and #opheetrailers for some quality content.

In the spirit of the festive season, we’re taking a moment to countdown our top 12 Drake Group social posts, as voted by you. Think of it as a “12 Drakes of Christmas”.

12: Mactrans’ Kingpin

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Drake brings you a Mactrans moment!

Mussy Deen of Mactrans and Drake go way back – and this year, Mussy let us get an exclusive walkaround of his brand new Mack 100 Year Anniversary Superliner: The Kingpin.

This limited edition custom-made Mack Super Liner is brimming with bling to celebrate Mactrans 20th anniversary. Our followers took a shine to it too.

Our featured Mactrans series of posts scored 70K+ views and 2.3K+ comments across platforms. The Mactrans team also picked up a new 5×8 Swingwide and 2×8 Dolly this October. 

11: Bower’s Fully Loaded

Our Bower’s Heavy Haulage shares always go down a treat. In fact, they only just missed out on a top three spot this year. Their Bower’s fully loaded Drake got 13.7 million views and a whopping 11.8 K shares at the very tail end of 2020 (video below).

But in April this year, one snap of Bower’s fully Drake steerable platform got some real traction – as our eleventh highest share count for 2021 and a healthy 70 K+ views.

A truly good show from the Bower’s team!

Bower's Drake fully loaded Steerable Platform trailer 2021

10: Patlin’s Rear Steer Platform’s Got the Moves

Patlin Heavy Haulage gets more than one mention in this years’ top list – and for good reason. The team picked up a new steerable platform this year and would you just look at the moves on this thing!

Decked out with remote steering, the control and manoeuvrability you get on this beauty of a low loader is second to none. It’s no wonder the crowd went wild – with 192.2K views and 11K likes on Tik Tok,

Thanks for the share, Daniel Mcauley (@dmacknav)

@dmacknavCredit to the boys the new platform is a serious bit of equipment #fyp #patlins #trucksoftiktok #foryou #foryoupage #carsoftiktok #draketrailers #viral♬ Believe Me – Navos

9: Metal Transport Industries Goes Heavy Metal

Number 9 goes to heavy haulage specialists, Metal Transport Industries, who sent in some clips of their Drake Trailer working hard on the roads.

Even with a load that large, they still managed to pick up some speed (safely of course).

This video also took off at speed, with 286 K views and 2.4K reactions on Facebook/Instagram.

8: S&S Deliver a Proper Ice Cream Dropper

Eighth spot’s got S&S Heavy Haulage dropping a big of a beaut’ shot of their 220 tonne steerable.

Posted in October 2021, this one clocked 254.3K views and 4.2K reactions, thanks to a lot of shares!

May be an image of outdoors

7: Hi-Quality Group’s New Green Machine – a Drake Swing Wing

Hi-Quality Group are long time customers of the Drake Group.

The team already have a few trailers in their fleet including a a 10×8, 7×8, 5×8 Swing Wing, 4×8 Swing Wing, a 3×8, and 5×8 Swing Wide Extendible.

Coming in at number 7, this 4X8 Swingwing low loader and 2X4 Dolly combo makes for another green machine to add to their ranks. It set a few green with envy too, judging by the response – totalling 315K views and 4.1K reactions across Facebook.

6: Fardell’s Don’t Mind the Bumps

Fardell’s Heavy Haulage shows us how it’s done in the outback, with number 6 featuring a convoy of their Kenworths and Drake Trailers.

This clip showcases why strength and durability are key for any heavy haulage trailer. Drake are Australian-made trailers for Australian conditions: harsh and mighty bumpy.

Thanks Craig Howey for the video, which clocked 11.3K views and 1K+ likes on Tik tok, bumped up to a whopping 661.3K views and 3.6K reactions across Facebook and Instagram.

5: Nortrans and Drake at the Dawn of a New Day

In January, Nortrans Townsville were up at dawn hauling bridge decks for the new Haughton River Flood Plain Project.

Weighing 24 tonne and measuring 23 metres, their Drake 4×4 Telescopic Extendable trailers made a perfect sidekick for the job.

With 3.2 million views and 8.7K reactions, the early bird sure does get the worm.

4: Membrey’s Night Moves with a Drake Steerable Low Loader

Just outside of the top three we have Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire weaving its way through a night move.

Membrey’ makes it happen – and together, we’re sure making legends here. This clip features one of our steerable platforms moving a giant Crane in the dead of the night. Look how smooth she is to operate, manoeuvring those tight corners city corners with ease, distributing the weight for the safest of trips.

Originally shared by Damian M (@damianm05), the post boasts a hearty 91.7K views on Tik Tok, and ballooned to 1.1 million views and 10.7K reactions across Facebook and Instagram.

@damianm055##membreysheavyhaulage ##Nightmove ##Kenworth♬ original sound – Damian M

3: Charles Hull Contracting Talks the Torque

Third place is courtesy of Tim Bowman (@that_mad_bowie), loaded to Tik Tok in  September 2021. Here we see Charles Hull Contracting hauling more than one massive load out on the roads of WA. As they say: West does it best!

Drake’s doing its part holding a massive payload, but there’s also some serious pulling power on show here!

The original clip scored 73.1K views, 4.8K likes on Tik Tok and skyrocketed to more than 5.2 million views, 39.3K reactions and 2.4K comments across Facebook and Instagram.

@tha_mad_bowie##heavyequipment ##leibherr ##kenworthc501 ##macktrucksaustralia ##operator ##heavyhaulage ##fyp ##heavyhaulmafia ##westernaustralia♬ Sail – AWOLNATION

2: Centurion Kicks up Dust on Red Desert Roads for Australia Day

Our number two harkens all the way back to January 2021, celebrating Australia Day with a truly Aussie sight.

The clip features Centurion Transport‘s heavily loaded Drake transporter rumbling down an outback road. This Australian-made low loader is carrying a whopping piece of mining equipment and kicking up a fair bit of dust as she goes.

Sure makes us grateful for Drake’s Minesite trailer range – built for outback roads and payloads up to 500 tonne!

This one clocked up 6.2 million views, 38K reactions and 4.5K comments across Instagram and Facebook.

1: Dropped on its Guts – Patlin’s Low Loader is “Steady as She Goes”

In number one spot (and way out in front) we once again have our friends at Patlin Transport and Heavy Haulage. This post showcases true precision as they inch their way under a bridge. That’s the beauty of a Drake-quality low loader: custom-built for your unique load to strict road regulations. She’ll get you through a pinch with those high, wide and heavy loads, every time.

The original video was posted in June by @SomeTruckDriver, and once we shared it to our page, it racked up 22.4 million views, 44.5K reactions, and 4.3K comments across The Drake Group Facebook & Instagram alone. Not to mention some 2.6 million views and 119K likes on Tik Tok.

This one went viral for a reason. Have a squiz (and feel the squeeze!):

And that’s a wrap on our top posts on social media for 2021.

Follow us and you can join in the fun! If any of the trailers in this post sparked your interest, speak to one our sales team at The Drake Group.

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