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Helping Mammoet Lift Bigger

At The Drake Group one of the things we’re most proud of building are the relationships with our great customers. They’ve pushed us to grow at every opportunity and in return we’ve developed even better trailers and supported them through our sixty-year history. With that in mind we’re keen to showcase our working relationship with one of the biggest heavy lifting companies in the world, Mammoet.

The centuries-old multinational is a massive force in the industry, with their fleet of cranes, heavy haulage vehicles and specially built relocation equipment often making the news all around the world. So we’re honoured that they would choose not one but two of our Drake products for the local crew.

Mammoet recently took ownership of a Drake 4×8 Swingwing and a 2×8 Dolly, both sporting a classy Mammoet red finish.

The Swingwing was especially designed and manufactured in Australia for our demanding road conditions and is one of the most popular lines of trailers we make at The Drake Group. By default, they sport hydraulic ramps and can also be customised with optional accessories such as radio remote controlled rear steering, a hydraulic gooseneck and double hung ramps.

The smaller but no less advantageous 2×8 Dolly also has plenty to offer, with a high tensile quenched and tempered steel frame, Drake Heavy Duty Trunnion mounted axles on compensating suspension and two horizontal spare tyre brackets to round out the diminutive package.

We know that both items will perfectly complement the rest of their heavy haulage options and we look forward to seeing them involved in some spectacular lifts down the road.

No matter how big or small your business is, The Drake Group has the right trailer for your next heavy haulage job. Talk to The Drake Group today to find out more.

Mammoet Swingwing and Dolly

Mammoet Swingwing Rear view


Mammoet Swingwing trailer


Mammoet Swingwing and Dolly trailer

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