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Customer in Focus: Nationwide Towing & Transport

We were delighted when Nationwide Towing & Transport collected their first Drake Trailers Forklift Trailer back in October. Since then, they’ve collected another two to add to their growing fleet of reliable specialist towing transport vehicles. And with their added Nationwide Towing & Transport livery, they really stand out in the crowd. This month, Nationwide Towing & Transport is our Customer in Focus.

The nation’s largest independent towing operator

Nationwide Towing & Transport has been moving all types of vehicles, plant and equipment since it started operating in 1960. It is now Australia’s largest, independently owned towing operator, specialising in challenging salvage and clearway operations.

While most people associate tow trucks with those we see on our streets every day, towing illegally parked cars or on the scene of car accidents and breakdowns, Nationwide Towing & Transport identified the opportunity to branch out into the towing and transport of commercial vehicles. The Nationwide Towing & Transport fleet caters for everything, particularly oversized, specialist or heavy haulage transport solutions, such as:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Mining and energy equipment
  • Generators
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Materials handling

Enhanced operator safety

Nationwide Towing & Transport has been identified by WorkSafe Authorities as an industry leader. The addition of Drake Trailers Forklift Trailers to their fleet provides a fully compliant, best-practice solution for transporting materials handling vehicles, such as forklifts due to the Forklift Trailer’s unique low load angle, which reduces operator risk and makes loading and unloading forklifts, quick, safe and simple. The Drake Trailers Forklift Trailer is a smart looking trailer which is perfect for light multiple items requiring that low approach angle.

Forklifts are responsible for a high incidence of accident and injury due to:

  • Weight – a small forklift is at least double the weight of an average car
  • Proximity to pedestrians – forklifts are widely used in retail and storage warehouses in very close proximity to staff.
  • Rear steer – A rear steer vehicle is highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces, but can be unstable when driven at speed. Forklifts are specialist vehicles that require training and skill to operate.

It’s for these reasons that transport operators such as Nationwide Towing & Transport use custom-designed Forklift Trailers that comply with their stringent safety guidelines and enhance productivity.

No-one knows the Australian specialist heavy haulage transport market better than Drake Trailers. For over 50 years, Drake Trailers has set the benchmark in terms of robust, purpose-built, high quality transport trailers. Whatever you’re moving, our design and production team will deliver a safe, reliable solution that adds value to your business. Contact us today.

Nationwide Towing Transport Forklift Trailer

Nationwide Towing Transport Forklift Trailer

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