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Customer in Focus: SJH Heavy Haulage

We appreciate every customer who supports our business of making Australian trailers for the Aussie environment. We do our best to highlight the incredible builds and customers through our social media and right here in our monthly Customer in Focus. One of our favourites from the past month has been the 50-tonne combination built for SJH Heavy Haulage. Learn a bit more about the people behind the business and their brand-new combination, which we’re sure already has some solid kilometres on the gauge.

About SJH Heavy Haulage

Husband and wife team Shawn and Jaime Haines have built a solid, reliable heavy haulage company over many years. 2018 has been a big year for this hard-working couple, adding a new Western Star prime mover, a Drake 4×4 and 2×4 combo to the fleet. SJH Heavy Haulage is based in tropical Mackay and offers a wide variety of transportation services for your plant and equipment.

SJH Heavy Haulage’s 50-tonne combo

The 50-tonne combination which was delivered in July looks like a show pony, but SJH Heavy Haulage will treat it like a workhorse.

The 4X4 Full Widener has a low tare weight and BIG carrying capabilities. Legal payloads of 35t and around 50t with the dolly, are all too easy for this trailer. Some of the quad and dolly payloads we hear about when our customers do site shifts, would blow your mind!

SJH Heavy Haulage’s new float wasn’t complete without a 2X4 Dolly. The market-leading Dolly from Drake Trailers features low tare and a high tensile frame and more importantly, load shares between dolly and drive brilliantly.

It was a pleasure working with the team behind SJH Heavy Haulage and we thank you for your support.

The Drake Group

We are a respected, expert trailer manufacturer based in sunny Queensland. We believe our customers are experts in their business, so by understanding their business, we’re able to recommend, develop and build the best transport trailers suitable for their task. If you’re looking for a trailer manufacturer who can build a trailer to last with great resale value contact The Drake Group today.

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Customer in focus SJH heavy haulage back

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