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Customer in Focus: ZAR Transport

Bula! If you’re in Fiji, that’s how the catch-all, most-frequently-used word in Fijian that mostly means hello. What’s the reason for the language lesson? Well, the team at O’Phee Trailers recently delivered one of their brand-new designs, the O’Phee “Step Over” Boxloader, to ZAR Logistics who are in beautiful Fiji.

Let’s take a closer look at our latest Customer in Focus for February and their new trailer will help them keep driving Fiji forward.

About ZAR Logistics

ZAR Logistics are a modern, reliable trucking company for the Pacific. With their modern containerised fleet combinations, advanced integrated logistics and unmatched effectiveness, some of the biggest international companies have come to rely on their services in Fiji, including Coca-Cola Amatil, Fiji Water and Golden Manufacturers.

Having handled every form of the wharf to client container logistics, ZAR Logistics knew what they were looking for when it came to a new container handling trailer. O’Phee Trailers is well-known for their range of innovative side-lifters, that make loading faster, easier and safer, making these two brands a perfect match.

Step Over Boxloader

The Step Over Boxloader is the next generation in Boxloader trailer technology, with a hefty lifting capacity of 35 tonnes, double stacking, trailer-to-trailer, trailer-to-ground and kneeling – you name it, the team behind making this trailer have got it covered.

Our Boxloader’s are available in 3 models; the Speedloader, Step Over and Multiloader Boxloader. The Boxloader’s feature:

  • The quickest load and unload time on the market
  • Centralised greasing point from ground level
  • Double stack without chain adjustment
  • Trailer to trailer transfer
  • Trailer to ground transfer
  • 35T maximum Lift
  • Maximum lift at maximum reach
  • Superior Australian made chassis design
  • High performance and reliability
  • Inbuilt CANBUS safety features
  • Dual speed remote

For O’Phee Trailers, part of The Drake Group, the end user is the main concern of all our trailer manufacturing and developments.  The Drake Group are determined to be the unchallenged leader in terms of innovation, performances and quality for trailer manufacturing in Australia. Get in touch to see how we can assist you.

Customer in Focus: ZAR Transport

Customer in Focus: ZAR Transport

Customer in Focus: ZAR Transport

Customer in Focus: ZAR Transport

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