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Farm Safety Week is Creating a Healthy Agriculture Community

Farming is known as the second deadliest occupation in Australian, with one farmer dying every week from a work-related incident. In 2016, there were 63 on-farm deaths and according to Farmsafe Australia, 40% of those fatalities are accidents related to farm machinery, tractors and quads.

Farm Safety Week, which runs from 17-22 July every year, is an initiative The Drake Group strongly get behind. Our highly skilled team of trailer manufacturers strive to ensure our agricultural farmers are working to the highest quality and safety standards when operating our agricultural widener and farm trailers, to minimise the likelihood of on-farm incident.

Creating a resilient, safe and healthy agriculture community

This year’s Farm Safety Week theme focuses around how farmers can create a strong and healthy community, through improved attention to safety practices on the farm, whether it is via machinery maintenance, ensuring children on farms have safer play areas, and looking out for our older farmers.

With machinery causing being one of the leading causes of traumatic fatalities on farms, Drake Trailers is committed to ensuring safety is at the forefront of their AG Widener trailer; a versatile trailer which has been manufactured specifically for the agriculture industry. While this trailer packs all the usual punches we’re known for, it’s been designed to carry heavy, oversized farming equipment such as irrigation systems, harvesting machinery, and planting equipment. With widening on the AG widener ranging from 2.5m to 4.5m, it’s the ideal trailer to meet the special requirements of the agriculture sector.

Improving safety within the agriculture sector is often seen as an overwhelming challenge, however Farmsafe have developed practical tips based on real world situations which confront all farms, large and small. This includes:

  1. Prepare a safety plan which identifies general hazards and issues which are unique to your farm. Detail the actions required to fix each these issues
  2. Set clear safety procedures with new workers and contractors from the get-go, and be sure to provide regular training and refreshers. Farmsafe offer an Induction Tool which farmers can utilise
  3. Conduct an audit of your farm, identifying the areas that could be improved and work towards fixing them within the next 12 months
  4. Have a visible emergency plan in case of serious incidents
  5. If there are children on the farm, make sure there are safe play areas for them – the main injuries for kids on farms is due to drowning, quad bikes and farm vehicles and machinery

By implementing these strategies, farmers can maintain productive farms and continue bringing in a profit. Farm Safety Week has been running successful for the past 19 years, and has provided the opportunity to bring farmer safety to national attention.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer of trailers, Drake Trailers sets the benchmark for trailer safety and innovation. Contact us today to discuss how our trailers can safely transport your agriculture loads.


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