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“Safe Farms = Profit” the focus for Farm Safety Week

July 18-22 is National Farm Safety Week – with this year’s theme of: “Safe Farms = Profit”.

The Agriculture industry currently sits at the top of the table for the highest number of work-related fatalities in Australia and members of the industry safety organisation, Farmsafe Australia are united in efforts to reduce the deaths and injuries associated on farms.

Improving attention to health and safety across the industry

The theme highlights the importance of business and industry working together to achieve the Farmsafe mission of increasing the well-being of Australian farmers through improved attention to health and safety, a factor that is always the first consideration in the design and manufacture of farm equipment and machinery, such as Drake Trailers’ AG widener.

A versatile Australian designed and manufactured deck widening trailer, the AG widener has been developed specifically for the agricultural industry. The AG widener is designed for the safe transport of over-size farm equipment such as harvesting machinery, tillage and seeding equipment and irrigation systems. This agricultural trailer extends from a width of 2.5m to 4.5m and has the option of fully remote controlled functions, allowing the operator to minimise safety risks.

“Having safety as a major aspect of our business will not only reduce risks to those who work and live on our farms, it will also improve our bottom line as safe farms equal profit,” said Farmsafe Australia Chairman, Charlie Armstrong.

Farmsafe Australia has also issued some practical steps farmers can take that puts farm safety at the centre of their business, including:

  • Have a safety plan in place that identifies potential hazards and takes action to fix them.
  • Make sure all new workers, including contractors, are inducted onto your property. The web-based FarmSafe Induction Tool can be used with all smartphones.
  • Set clear safety procedures
  • Make sure everyone who works on the farm understands and uses your safety procedures
  • Have an emergency plan in place in case of incidents

Safe, reliable equipment is the key to safety and productivity

Reliability of agricultural equipment such as farm trailers and tractors is also a major consideration for the industry, with farmers often operating in remote locations where unscheduled maintenance and support are not always readily available.

Like every other trailer in the Drake Trailers range, product support and spare parts are standard features of the AG Widener, along with:

  • Specialist hydraulic suspension for ultimate stability
  • Fully fabricated hi-tensile steel beams and cross members
  • Up to 50 tonne payload capabilities
  • Dunnage trays
  • Spare tyre carriers
  • Tool boxes
  • Alloy water tank
  • Materials and workmanship to suit the most demanding tasks

Farm Safety Week has been running successfully for the past 18 years and has provided an opportunity for Farmsafe Australia to address farm safety with a national focus.

Drake Trailers is Australia’s leading manufacturer of heavy haulage trailers for use in the agricultural, mining, civil and construction sectors. Contact us to discuss how our trailers can safely transport your widest AG loads.

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