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Mactrans Marks 20-years with Custom-Designed Kingpin

Mactrans Heavy Haulage have been a long-time customer of The Drake Group. We have a proud history of building quality custom-designed trailers to meet their heavy haulage needs.

The Drake team were in for a treat recently when we scored a visit from the big boss himself: Mactrans Heavy Haulage’s new Mack Super-Liner, The Kingpin.

Mactrans have gone big on everything with this custom-designed truck. Mactrans’ Mussy and Yasmin Deen let us get a real close look at this king of the streets.

Mactrans Mack Truck - side view showing bulldog mural

The Mactrans Original Gangster

Mactrans Heavy Haulage purchased this Limited Edition 100 year-anniversary Super-Liner from truck manufacturer Mack Trucks, and gave it the royal treatment to celebrate 20 years of Mactrans.

One look at this truck and you know it’s something special. Every inch has been customised, from front to back – no expense spared.  And can we just say, it’s worth every penny!

The fit-out theme was inspired by Mussy’s son, who suggested something a little different to the regular Western-inspired Mactrans rigs. Instead, the Kingpin is Mactrans’ original gangster.

The tanks are highlighted in a purple, gold and black cityscape silhouette. They feature a mural of the Mack Trucks bulldog guarding a suitcase of cash. But the real showstopper is Scarface himself: Al Capone, hand-painted on the back of the cab.

Mactrans Mack Truck Mural of Al Capone

The paintwork is a standout. The truck makes its mark in gold-flecked black and pearlescent gold strokes. It’s stamped with Mack and Mactrans branding and features plenty of “Mack 100 years” and “MHH 20 years” motifs as a nod to the two brand’s respective anniversaries.

Cyclone Airbrushing‘s artwork is a standout. Bel-air’s finish is stunning. Mussy made sure every detail was perfect – in fact they painted the body and detailing twice to get it just right.

Mactrans Mack truck up close - front view

Splashing Out On Custom Details

This limited edition Mack Truck is put together a bit differently from your average Super-Liner. The bonnet is like the 07 Titans, and it has got more an old school look – big grill, big radiator, classic sleeper bunk, and special bull bar.

The rig’s visual signature is in its glistening chrome. Courtesy of the Bling Man, the Kingpin’s stainless is polished to perfection and gives a whole new meaning to the term “eye-catching”.

The truck is fitted with monster exhausts – 8-inch pipe all the way through – which was specially-made over 10 weeks and imported from America.

Mactrans exhaust painted with Mack Truck bulldog

The team at the Mactrans Headquarters made the custom guards and lights, and a heavy-duty tow hitch rated for 250 tonnes. It’s going to look pretty awesome with a Drake behind it!

It’d be a crime to get even a spec of dirt on this showstopper – but I’m sure that won’t stop the team from putting it out on the road to rule over the streets. It’s not named the Kingpin for nothing.

There’s plenty more features to be seen on the Kingpin. Get the whole tour (including a look at the flash interior, a peek under the bonnet, and a honk of the horn) on our latest video upload below. Big thanks to Sam, Mussy, Mack and Mactrans.

Mactrans and The Drake Group

The Drake Group is proud to have long-standing relationship with Mactrans spanning over 20 years. Both are local Brisbane businesses, and we’ve been thrilled to be making custom trailers for Mactrans since the early days.

From humble beginnings, Mactrans have grown into a bit of a juggernaut in the heavy haulage industry – and the Kingpin is the perfect testament to their growth over the years.

Mactrans have a few low loaders in the pipeline at The Drake Group factory in Wacol. You might even see one of them hooked up to the Kingpin soon.

The Drake Group are industry-leaders in designing and manufacturing custom trailers. We are the first choice for companies in the heavy haulage industry looking for reliable, quality trailers that are something special.

Looking for trailers that stand the test of time? Give our team a call today.

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