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New Drake Collectibles Coming in 2019

After a great year of introducing new products, the team at Drake Collectibles are already hard at work on a new range of diecast models set for launch in 2019.

Of primary interest to collectors will be a new type of cabin for the Kenworth K200 trucks that have been part of the Drake Collectibles lineup since day one.

In the full-scale world, these trucks are made available with two different cabin sizes. There’s the regular 2.3 metre cabin, and the “fat cab” version which is 2.8 metres. The former was aimed at B-double purposes while the latter was more suited for the long-range rigours of heavy haulage.

Until now, all versions of the Kenworth K200 that were made by Drake Collectibles were based on the same identical 2.8 metre cabin. The only exception to this has been the last release, which featured cabin side extension wings.

However, in 2019 Drake Collectables will be adding 2.3 metre cabines to the mix. Going the extra mile in the pursuit of real-life accuracy has always been a cornerstone of Drake Collectibles and this addition to the range continues the tradition. Liveries and production numbers for the 2.3 metre cabin will be released early in the new year so stay tuned for updated details.

In other news, a new range of Skel B Double Combinations are just around the corner. They come in all manner of colours including red, light blue and Toll Group’s distinctive aqua hue. Each retails for $240 and are sure to be a hot seller.

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