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The top 10 Drake Collectible models for 2017

It’s been a busy year for the team at Drake Collectibles. Not only did they launch a brand-new app, they raised had an incredibly successful showing at The Brisbane Truck Show with the Collectors Night. The team behind the scenes were busy at work, with the long overdue Freighter flat top trailer combinations and display cases hitting the shelves. It’s no surprise that these long-awaited combinations took up seven spots in the top ten list for 2017.

Let’s jump in. Here are the most popular diecast models designed, developed and manufactured by the team at Drake Collectibles.

10. Kenworth C509 Sleeper – White
Kenworth C509 Sleeper White

Originally released in 2015, this model has maintained its popularity. Did you know that the white with red chassis is the most popular 1:1 scale truck sold in Australia? The diecast model of this sought-after model features driver and passenger doors which open, air ride seats, functioning suspension, pivoting bull bar, locking fifth wheel and a sliding fifth wheel.

9. K200 Higgs Heavy Haulage

At number 9 we have the stunning Higgs Haulage K200 Kenworth. While this model is sold out on the Drake Collectibles website, it’s still available as a combination with the Drake Trailers 2X8 Dolly and 3X8 Swingwing. If you’ve got your eyes set on the Higgs models, Drake Collectibles has confirmed that a Higgs limited fleet series will be released in early 2018.

8. Mercedes Benz 6X4 White/Black Chassis

Crisp white was the flavour of the year for Drake Collectibles, with this white chassis modelled off Mercedes Benz coming in at number 8. This was a limited release for the group and sold out quickly.

7. Kenworth T909 Freighter Vintage Burgundy

Only 500 of this model were made, with this being one of the last T909’s available. The vintage burgundy colour has been a big hit for Drake Collectibles too and one of the few produced in every model configuration.

6. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – Membrey Freighter
MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top Membrey Freighter

This stunning green and red Freighter B Double set featuring Membrey decal is just one of many diecasts in the Membrey fleet. Luckily there are still a small number of this limited release series available.

5. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – BBG Freighter
MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top BBG Freighter

Making it into the top five is Betts Bower Group’s Freighter. For BBG enthusiasts, you’re in luck as Drake Collectibles also has a road train set to match.

4. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – White/Red Freighter
MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top White Red Freighter

Another popular Freighter B Double set in the standard colours of red with white combings. This model is still available and its colour combinations can be used for several company liveries.

3. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – Doolans Freighter

Doolan’s Heavy Haulage have been one of the most company liveries to-date for Drake Collectibles and it’s easy to see why. While this model is sold out, Drake Collectibles has confirmed good news coming in the new year for green collectors. We’ll all just have to wait and see what they’ve got up their sleeve.

2. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – McAleese Freighter

Coming in at number two is the Freighter B Double set in light blue. We can look forward to more blue combinations from Drake Collectibles in 2018.

1. MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top – White Freighter
MaxiTRANS B Double Flat Top White Freighter

Drum roll please. The most popular Drake Collectibles model in 2017 goes to another Freighter B Double combination – surprisingly in white. This set includes both an A trailer and B trailer, with 220mm x 35mm (65mm with gates) on the A trailer and 175mm x 50mm x 35mm (65mm with gate) on the B trailer. It features a removable steel gate and bow, replicated air hoses, gate storage and tool boxes, while its functions include an oscillating and locking 5th wheel, wind down legs and working suspension. While this model is currently sold out, a little birdy tells us that another run is currently in production and pre-orders are available.

So, what can we look forward to in 2018 from Drake Collectibles? As we settle into the New Year, Drake Collectibles has already set in motion the production of the popular Freighter B Double and Road Train sets, including a top up of the standard colours and some of our favourite company liveries who will be making their first diecast appearance. On the drawing board are skels, containers and the first of the K200 heavy trucks, where it will debut at the World Toy Fair later this month.

Early this year we will get to see the new curtain slide and vans. And while they’re at it, two new Kenworth truck tooling models are also in development. It looks like 2018 for Drake Collectibles is shaping up to be an exciting year. We’ve even heard there are some big surprises coming our way. Here’s a hint: New truck brands might be on the cards – but you didn’t hear it from us.

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