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New guidelines on load restraint curtains available

If you regularly drive a curtainsider truck, the new Technical Advisory Procedure (TAP) on certified load restraint curtain systems, released recently in March 2017 by the ATA, will certainly be of interest.

Developed in response to issues that were identified with the 2nd edition of the Load Restraint Guidelines (LRD), the TAP is intended as a helpful guide. This guide is meant to equip both inspectors and operators with an understanding of how to ensure compliance with the 2nd edition LRD when faced with systems where load rated curtains are part of the load restraint system in operation.

Chris Loose, Senior Adviser of Engineering, said, “It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for restraining loads. This TAP also provides some basic information to manufacturers of CLRC systems on certification, modification, retrofitting and repairs. Understanding this information is critical for trucking operators to perform at their best”. We believe that the new guidance has implications not only for drivers, but also for us here at Drake Trailers and O’Phee Trailers.

What does the TAP mean for our customers?

The TAP appears to bring further guidance on both how a curtain restraint system should be used correctly and also on the fixtures, fittings and capabilities which suitable curtainsiders need to enable compliance.

Working in partnership with our recent acquisition of O’Phee Trailers in 2016, we will be working with customers to ensure their trailers conform to the additional guidance. We put safety and practicality at the heart of what we do; adoption of the TAP guidelines will provide us with an opportunity to minimise risk and potentially reduce the likelihood of a load shifting or tipping. We can supply technical assistance with every aspect of your trailer servicing and maintenance, including ensuring that your load rated curtains are compliant with all existing recommendations.

As a leading provider of innovative, user-friendly trailers which are suitable for heavy-haulage in industries such as mining, salvage and agriculture, we are proud of our ability to ensure our products adhere to all relevant Australian legislation, safety standards and guidance. We use Australian materials to create solid, highly dependable trailers that are customised to meet the needs of our customers.

Our focus is on safety, practicality and efficiency, enabling you to get more from your trailer without ever compromising on performance or ease of use. If you want to know more about how these recent TAP guidelines will affect your trailer’s load restraint curtain action, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Read the full ATA Press Release.

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