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O’Phee BoXLoader boosts point-to-point transport productivity

Containerised trade through Australian ports is projected to increase by 5.1 per cent a year until 2033 according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE).

With that in mind, transport companies are choosing to boost their fleets with specialist sidelifter trailers such as the O’Phee BoXLoader range, custom designed for point-to-point transport. The O’Phee BoXLoader sidelifter trailer is proving invaluable as it continues to make the loading and unloading of containers faster, safer and easier.

The specifications for the O’Phee BoXLoader Container Side Loader have been constantly tweaked and perfected since O’Phee launched the first BoXLoader-branded sidelifter trailer back in 2011. Now the 2016 line-up has BXL’s renowned 35-tonne side-loading crane, CANBus technology and sensors to monitor the key operational aspects such as:

  • Crane arm position
  • Stabiliser positioning
  • Movement of the container
  • Weight distribution to eliminate any risk during operation
  • Take a look at an O’Phee BoXLoader in action

Designed with the operator in mind

Based on O’Phee’s tried and true light tare and high quality trailer frame technology, the O’Phee BoXLoader Container Side Loader is capable of handling both 20’ and 40’ containers with ease – especially from the operator’s perspective.

Ease-of-use design considerations and performance consistency have been behind the safe, user-focused O’Phee BoXLoader container trailer right from the start. This sidelifter trailer had to reliably take the strain of working fully loaded – with maximum payload – day after day. The O’Phee BoXLoader container trailer provides transport companies with an unrivalled list of benefits:

  • Faster ‘unpack and pack up’ than other models
  • Double stacking capability – without shortening the lifting chairs
  • Superior safety design, incorporating in-build CANBus safety system and 2 x remote control units with emergency stop.
  • Double extension stabiliser legs

Purpose-built for busy ports

According to our technical specialist, Mick O’Phee, the BoXLoader’s main point of difference – especially in a wharf context – is the ability to add value to the transport process as a whole by reducing handling and transfer costs at the port and operating more efficiently across the board.

“Busy ports such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne require hundreds of truck movements in and around the port precincts and every minute saved is worth money to transport operators. The O’Phee BoXLoader, with its operational advantages over other sidelifter trailers, allows transport companies to drop and pick up containers in dedicated areas without being restricted by the availability of traditional container handling equipment like gantry cranes, reach stackers or straddle carriers,” said Mick.

Another advantage of the O’Phee BoXLoader is its ability to travel long distances and operate safely on unsealed, uneven surfaces, unlike forklifts and container lifters. The O’Phee BoXLoader now comes in three different models, all with their own set of advantages:

Part of Australia’s largest trailer range

Last year, O’Phee Trailers was purchased by fellow family-owned, Brisbane-based trailer manufacturer, Drake Trailers and both companies are now located at the Drake Group’s manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Brisbane. The Drake Group is now in the enviable position of offering the widest range of quality Australian-made trailers in the market. If you’re looking for a trailer than can significantly boost the efficiency of your business, contact us today.


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