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O’Phee Trailers introduces Retract-X and Speedloader

O’Phee Trailers are disrupting the containing handling market with the launch of their innovative new side-loader called the “Speedloader”, which has been released under the O’Phee Trailers name.

Along with the Speedloader, O’Phee Trailers also launched the Retract-X Container Skel, which Mick O’Phee describes as a “total departure from the currently available retractable skel designs”.

BoXLoader and O’Phee Trailers = the perfect merger of capabilities

French company BoXLoader and O’Phee Trailers have been collaborating for half a decade, developing their range of custom point-to-point specialist side lift trailers. The collaboration was a perfect match, merging O’Phee’s 40 years of semi-trailer craftsmanship with BoXLoader’s 30 years of unique side lift technology. It’s the right time for O’Phee and BoXLoader to release a new side loader, with the containerised market expected to grow 5.1 per cent year-on-year until 2033.

Mick O’Phee believes there’s a lot of potential out there for innovative equipment such as the O’Phee BoXLoader thanks to its efficient, multi-purpose functionality, “it can reduce handling and transfer costs at the port, making the whole supply chain more efficient along the way” said O’Phee.

The new Speedloader

O’Phee Trailers Speedloader is all about saving weight, enhancing safety and improving efficiency.

With a chassis constructed from 800 grade tempered steel, the Speedloader offers a significant tare weight saving far superior to other side loaders on the market. The reduced tare weight doesn’t compromise on safety either. In fact, it enhances it. Mick O’Phee explains the that the quick and safe operation of the Speedloader is improved through the addition of the fixed stabiliser leg, “the user is kept out of harm’s way via a wireless remote control. They no longer have to position the leg to suit the weight of the container” O’Phee says, “now it automatically positions correctly to suit light or heavy containers, removing any possible errors and ensuring a precise landing”.

When you combine the fixed stabiliser leg with lighter manufacturer cranes for faster, more accurate trailer to ground and ground to trailer transfers, the productivity heightens giving users the ability to complete more freight movements in a single day.

The Speedloader is complete with a rigid trailing arm suspension and solid axle connection, which boosts performance and durability, making it a dependable solution for container handling.

Retract-X Container Skel

O’Phee Trailer’s also recently launched a Retract-X Container Skel. The Retract-X is a total departure from the currently available retractable skel designs. It uses the same high tensile steel as the Speedloader and incorporates an innovative rigid box frame construction that is easier to extend and retract under load.

The Retract-X uses adjustable king pin and lock pin locations to maximise the various transport weights. These weights can be maximised due to the low tare weight, which O’Phee Trailers says is the lightest tare weight in the Australian marketplace today.

“Operators are more and more concerned with increasing their payloads as margins tighten across the industry,” Mick says. “That is also one of the main reasons we were quick to jump on the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme as soon as it was introduced (in 2009).”

Industry responds with Brisbane Truck Show nomination

The launch of the Speedloader caused a stir in the transport industry and was nominated in the Brisbane Truck Show Awards in three separate categories. The Speedloader was nominated in the category for Best Trailer, Best Technology and Innovation and Best Australian-designed and Engineered Product, while O’Phee Trailers other new addition, the Retract-X Container Skel was nominated in the Best Australian Manufactured Innovation Award.

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