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O’Phee Trailers turns heads with Speedloader

Earlier this year at The Brisbane Truck Show, O’Phee Trailers went to market with a brand-new container transport model, continuing to use the innovative technology from French crane expert BoXLoader. The latest in the side loader market is called the Speedloader. It’s designed to be light and fast with enhanced safety features. Let’s take a closer look at the new Speedloader from O’Phee Trailers and how it’s contributing to a booming container handling market.

A balance of two great models

Mick O’Phee believes there is a lot of potential for a side-loader to be the perfect point-to-point delivery tool, saying it can “reduce handling and transfer costs at the port and make the whole supply chain more efficient along the way”.

So, to continue evolving the O’Phee BoXLoader brand and cater to a responsive market, O’Phee Trailers has designed the Speedloader to offer a choice between the ever-popular MultiLoader and Step-Over models. You could say it’s the best of both worlds.

More for less, with maximum safety

It’s winning features focus on speed of operation and tare weight savings, which Mick O’Phee says offers more payload for the user. The new chassis design is constructed of 800 grade quenched and tempered steel, which is a high-tensile steel well-known for offering significant tare weight savings, and in this case, is much lighter than any other model in the Australian market.

The new model boasts higher performance, with quicker and safer operation thanks to the fixed stabiliser leg. “The user is kept out of harm’s way with the wireless remote-control operation, and no longer has to position the leg to suit the weight of the container”, Mick O’Phee notes. “It’s automatically positioned correctly to suit light or heavy containers, removing any possible errors and ensuring a precise landing”.

The lighter manufactured cranes and fixed stabiliser leg couples with a rigid trailing arm suspension with solid axle connection allows faster and more accurate movements, reducing operator time and increasing the number of freight movements per day. This is a big advantage with operators being more and more concerned with increasing their payloads as margins begin to tighten across the industry.

This concern over getting “more done, quickly” is one of the reasons O’Phee Trailers were one of the first to jump on the Performance Based Standards before they were even made as a part of the law.

The Speedloader already turning heads

The Speedloader has already been a hit with companies such as SCS Transport Logistics, a Brisbane-based transportation company who specialise in heavy equipment, container shipping and dangerous goods. They took a delivery of a Speedloader back in June, which was put straight to work.

The Speedloader also garnered a lot of attention at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show and was nominated across three separate categories: Best Trailer, Best Technology Innovation and Best Australian-designed and engineered.

Increase your freight deliveries, while reducing your tare weight with O’Phee Trailers latest addition. Get in contact with The Drake Group to discuss how an O’Phee Speedloader can enhance your operations.

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