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Brisbane Truck Show 2021: The Drake Group Recap

The Brisbane Truck Show (BTS) 2021 was truly one to remember, and we’re still buzzing from it months down the track.

All of the organisers, vendors, contributors, and manufacturers put on a great show, and deserve a tip of the hat. None-more-so than the crowds who showed up and kept the spirit of BTS alive. In one of the toughest times for in-person events, the show attracted over 30,000 people in just four jam-packed days.

In case you missed it, we’ve compiled a quick recap of some of The Drake Group’s featured displays.

Drake Trailer’s Steerable Deck Widener

At BTS21, we unveiled our new steerable deck widener, designed and built at the Drake Factory in Wacol. This heavy haulage trailer is something special. It’s all down to the new innovative mechanical link we’re calling the Active Steer, which allows up to 35 degrees manoeuvrability.

All of the axles steer on this trailer, not just the rear – and the driver has the ability to disconnect the skid plate and steer via remote control.

With features like a load up to 33 tonnes, Drake hydraulic suspension, a remote-controlled hydraulic winch, and price comparable to normal self-tracking deck widener, the Active steer is a great option for metro heavy haulage customers and companies doing tight access work.

Get a closer look at this game changer in our build for Turf One and JS Haulage.

Drake Trailer’s Drop Deck Widener

Truck show patrons were also introduced to Drake’s new hybrid, the quad axle drop deck widener, combining the best elements of the low boy and traditional deck widener.

This innovative creation was built from customers calling for a regular top deck instead of a gooseneck on the deck widener. So, we put the two together. The result is a light top deck that can handle all sorts of loads.

The quad axle drop deck is a short trailer – coming in at 14.6m, yet can reach a high payload of 37 tonnes. It has self-tracking rear steer axles and multi-loading is possible with its light tare weight.

O’Phee Trailer’s Split Group Super Semi

Drake-owned O’Phee Trailers is well known in the semi-trailer space.

Industry legend, Mick O’Phee showed off a newly created PBS design – the split group super semi – which can be adapted into various models.

On display was a flattop and a container SKEL trailer. The split group design is a high productivity vehicle, designed for freight cars. These were fitted with a brand new axle group arrangement, with extreme axle spacing, enabling up to a 49.5 tonne load.

O’Phee’s Crane Counterweight & Accessory SKEL setup

In another display of innovative design, Mick also took onlookers through an O’Phee Crane Counterweight & Accessory SKEL semi-trailer combination, custom made for the Freo Group in a bold yellow finish.

This is a lightweight multi-purpose design that suits any crane of any size. This means companies can buy one standard design that is capable of housing all their crane components and counterweights, with its unique cradle cassette system. Not only that, but this trailer is entirely operated from the ground and suited to one man operation – with an easily accessible hook sheave cradle that pivots to lay flat, lowering the centre of gravity for travel.

Drake Blog News Image Drake Collectables

Drake Collectibles’ Diecast Delights

Drake Collectibles may be mini, but they sure are unmissable. We released several models at the truck show, each expertly announced by Bruce Hey.

One of the highlights was the launch of a miniature Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire C509 Kenworth Truck, a Drake 5×8 Swingwing and 2×8 Dolly. The moment was made extra special when Craig Membrey and his children Leah and Jack joined Bruce for the presentation.

We also released a BoXLoader model with moving crane and stabiliser arms at 1/50th the scale.

BoXLoader’s Multi-loader Simplex Design

Speaking of BoXLoader, French representative Vincent Sastre was unable to make it over for the event due to COVID, but we still gave a good show of the O’Phee BoXLoader trailer. This Multi-loader Simplex Design with single acting dagger leg-style stabiliser arm might be one of the best sideloaders in the market today. The trailer has a high tensile main frame and is best-in-class for high performance and longevity.

Notable features include unique spherical bearings at the bottom of each crane, combined oil/fuel tank with120L capacity for diesel – the largest tank on any sideloader. The light tare trailer is also remote-controlled and has a canvas control system with safety sensors that prevent incorrect lifting and leg positioning. The system even tells you what you need to do to correct it.

SN Transport and Logistics May 2021 1

Swinglift Container Sideloader

Another showstopping side loader is the Swinglift. Quick to operate with a light tare of 9.4 tonnes, this sideloader trailer is designed with a unique lower height, topping out at 4.3m even with high-cube 9’6 containers on it.

By Day 4, the Swinglift had made such an impression that S&N Transport and Logistics became proud owners of their very own model.

And that’s a wrap on The Drake Group’s corner of the Brisbane Truck Show 2021.

For a comprehensive recap on the event, Fully Loaded did a great overview of the BTS21 highlights online.

See you all for the next one in 2023!

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