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Drake Trailer Innovations: Our New Active Steer Deck Widener

The Drake Group’s Active Steer Quad Axle Deck Widener Trailer is turning heads as easily as it turns corners all around the country. Let’s take a closer look and see why many people in the industry are calling this steerable deck widener the “Game Changer”.

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Active Steer: Innovation in Deck Widener Trailer Design

Designed and built in Australia, here in the Drake factory, this new deck widener trailer boasts an “active steer” function. This brand new feature allows for an additional 35 degrees of manoeuvrability, where every axle on the trailer steers. This is a marked difference between other models where only the rear axle has self-tracking.

An extra 35 degrees of steering capability means the difference between being able to get around tight corners and into narrow loading bays or having to spend precious time working around the physical limitations of the space.

The whole system is based around a mechanical link and is steered off the skid plate to the turntable, so that the low loader is steered behind the truck.

If that wasn’t enough, Active Steer can also be operated independently of the prime mover with an easy-to-use remote-control system. This is an incredibly useful feature and one that showcases The Drake Group’s commitment of melding innovation and performance in the one steerable deck widener.

The Reviews are In: Our Active Steer Quad Axle’s a Winner

Jye from J.S Haulage Australia recently took delivery of an Active Steer Quad Trailer and was grinning from ear to ear after giving it a test run. He complimented the crew on another great build saying, “it’s a good bit of gear!”

He loved how it gives him an easy turn on what would otherwise be challenging corners along his routes across the country.

“Whether I’m up the bush or in the city, the manoeuvrability will just take the struggle out of things. I won’t have to go anywhere near as wide to get around corners. The remote steer’s going to make a big difference in tight situations.”

The Active Steer is Decked Out in High Value Features

Ease of operation and long-term value for money are key drivers in the design of every model in The Drake Group’s range, and this trailer is no exception.

Among the high-quality features that this model boasts are:

  • 17.5-inch SAF axles with unitised hub assembly, meaning that the operator has lower maintenance concerns through the trip.
  • The Axles themselves are rated for one million kilometres, or six years of life, on sealed roads.
  • Manual steering override – to allow greater control for steering through tight spots
  • Enhanced wheel safety – even if the front axles come off the ground in rough terrain, the wheels will always follow the truck.
  • Pneumatic operated ramp chain tensioner to speed up loading – a flip of a switch and off you go
  • Height control valve – another press of the button feature, lowering and lifting the trailer to recommended travel heights.

These are just a few features worth noting. The trailer is packed full of value.

A closer look at the Active Steer Deck Widener with Sam Drake

Get the full lowdown on J.S Haulage Australia’s new Active Steer Quad Axle Deck Widener with Group Sales Manager Sam Drake in the video below.

It’s a great opportunity to walk around the trailer and explore the standard features, as well as auxiliary and optional add-ons that we can accommodate for your custom trailer.

Talk to the team at The Drake Group today about this exciting new development in their line and the high-performing deck widener range already on offer at any time.

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