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On the road with Bower’s Heavy Haulage

Only one thing beats seeing our newly manufactured heavy haulage trailers roll off our production facility, and that’s seeing them on the road doing what they were built for.

And so it was great to see these images supplied from a Bower’s Heavy Haulage driver of not one but two Drake trailers going on a cross-country trip.

The task: transport a Caterpillar 793 chassis all the way from Hunter Valley in New South Wales to the Western Australian capital city of Perth. The 793 is a serious piece of mining machinery and so the team at Bowers knew they needed a special solution. Enter the 2X8 Dolly and 5X8 Swingwing that the first Kenworth truck carried, and the 2X8 Dolly and 4X8 Swingwing bringing up the rear, also carried by a hard-working truck.

Note that the trailers are yellow and not the traditional Bowers red and white, as they were originally part of the fleet belonging to Muswellbrook Cranes. Regardless, we think they look amazing and as strong and dependable as the day they were first made.

The photo was taken at Border Village, a popular road house located just near the border of South Australian and Western Australia. It’s the first stop drivers come across after crossing the Nullarbor Plains before hitting the border, and a sight for sore eyes after travelling across one of the most barren and featureless areas on Earth. Border Village is the one with a giant kangaroo holding a jar of vegemite outside – you can’t miss it.

The team at Betts Bower Heavy Haulage pride themselves on their 24 hour-a-day service and 300 tonne haulage capacity to handle any job imaginable. We’re proud to have a long working history with them and look forward to seeing of their Drake Group trailers around the country.


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