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Only the best will do for National Heavy Haulage

When National Heavy Haulage needed to add flexible, robust trailers to its nationwide fleet they ordered a customised 5×8 Swingwing, a 12×8 steerable Low Loader and a 2×8 Dolly a from Drake Trailers.

Creating the best first impression

A key aspect of National Heavy Haulage’s brand is their show-ready fleet of immaculately maintained vehicles. We made sure our trailers were going to fit into the fleet – supplying the Swingwing and steerable Low Loader with stainless steel toolboxes, chrome wheels and accessories while the Dolly was delivered with a customised alloy watertank.

The trailers’ surface finishing was also very important.  We supplied the trailers in their official National Heavy Haulage custom colours of silver, black and red – using the same high-specification paint products used by Rolls Royce, Porche and Ferrari.

Robust build quality for remote conditions

For National Heavy Haulage to maximise the value of its fleet, it needs trailers that stay on the road rather than the maintenance yard. Both the 5×8 Swingwing and the Low Loader can carry eight spare tyres – essential for long haul and remote operating environments, while their heavy-duty frames are capable of transporting the equipment and vehicles mining and construction sites need across the country require, such as:

  • CAT D10 and D11 dozers
  • CAT 777 dump trucks
  • Excavators
  • Drill rigs

Low maintenance requirements are important when mechanical support isn’t readily on hand. Low maintenance is also one of the reasons why our Swingwing trailer has been a bestseller since it hit the market back in 1969. By pivoting on the centre axle, the Swingwing dramatically reduces tyre wear and tear.

Wheels and axles are another low maintenance consideration. The Drake Trailers delivered to National Heavy Haulage were fitted with TMC 10-stud, 225 pcd hubs with SKF unitised bearings – a new feature for our standard axle range. The major benefit of this unitised hub is that TMC guarantees 500,000 kilometres between wheel bearing adjustments and in some cases have clocked up one million kilometres before wheel bearings needed replacing.

Optimising Driver Safety

A number of safety features of the Swingwing have been specially designed with the driver in mind, particularly the low profile hydraulic gooseneck and rear hydraulic suspension which enables drivers to safely raise or lower the trailer under or over obstacles. And, it can all be controlled remotely, further adding to the safety benefits for the driver. Additional safety features include:

  • Drop deck
  • Drop legs
  • Full enclosed rear decks
  • Level deck open at inner rear
  • Double hung ramps

If you’re looking for a flexible heavy haulage trailer, built to withstand the toughest conditions, contact us today and together we can design the perfect solution for you.

Drake Trailers is Australia’s leading Heavy Haulage Trailer designer and manufacturing company. Drake has been supplying custom trailers to suit Australian conditions for over 50 years. Ongoing innovation, quality Australian materials, cutting-edge engineering and outstanding build quality are the foundations of a Drake Trailer. An investment in a Drake is an investment in efficient, long-term productivity with a sound resale value.

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