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Our top articles for 2015

As trailer manufacturers in Brisbane, the biggest news for us last year was our new alliance with O’Phee Trailers; but let’s take a look at the stories you were most interested in.

Our seventh most popular post of the year introduced the Drake 4×4 Steering Widener with lay flat ramps. This trailer offers flexibility with loads as it’s able to expand to accommodate wider loads. Check out the video in the article to learn more.

In this post we took a look at an infographic that asked: “What if Australian trucks stopped for a week?” The results are pretty scary, with water, food and energy shortages among the possibilities.

At number five, we have another trailer video feature. The Drake Low-Height Semi-Modular Steerable Platform offers users maximum manoeuvrability for long loads. At Drake Trailers, we’re proud to offer a wide range of low loaders for sale.

Our video features of trailers prove ever popular, with this one on our 7×8 Extendable Semi Modular Steerable Platform coming in at number four. This platform is equipped with innovative trailer technology, the latest safety features and ample fuel storage.

This video post on the Drake 5×8 Minesite Transporter provides an introduction to the transporter and its uses. Used on minesites across the globe, it can be trusted to handle demanding conditions with ease.

In second place, our readers were pleased to learn about the new models launched by our Drake Collectibles arm. These included the Kenworth C509 – Drake 5×8 Swingwing and 2×8 dolly model combinations; experts even named the 509 combination the best 1/50 scale heavy haulage model in the world!

The news of our alliance with O’Phee trailers wasn’t just important to us, it was important to our readers too. Our most popular article of 2015 was all about this new partnership, explaining the exciting changes that will be made at both companies as a result.

As trailer manufacturers with over 50 years’ experience, at Drake Trailers we understand the importance of quality, strength and reliability when it comes to transport equipment. Whether you’re looking for a drop deck trailer, a steerable modular trailer or a low loader for sale, we’re sure to have the trailer to meet your needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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