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Real Skills for Real Careers at National Skills Week

National Skills Week 2018 from SkillsOne on Vimeo.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector continues to lead students towards successful, meaningful, professional careers with room for a further opportunity as they progress. The National Skills Week, which is now in its eighth year, aims to celebrate and inform students and the wider public of the diversity of career pathways available through VET. This year’s event is held between August 27 to September 2, with the focus on “real skills for real careers.”

Previous years has achieved so much for people looking to venture into a skills trade thanks to the unparalleled media coverage and the inclusion of over 500 events Australia-wide. The event hosts delivered engaging, inspirational messages, promoting the VET sector which has experienced a massive overhaul in recent years.

There has been an assumption in the community that VET only caters to studying traditional skills, however, events such as National Skills Week clearly demonstrate that VET encompasses a wide range of career paths. The trades covered by VET include areas as diverse as accounting, manufacturing & engineering, transport and culture & the arts. VET also offers the flexibility of full-time, part-time and other studying arrangements such as online or long-distance education.

Apprenticeships are also a vital part of the Australian workplace landscape. The Drake Group has been working with Apprenticeships Australia for over 25 years to help train the next generation of skilled workers and keep the industry thriving with talent. Apprenticeships through The Drake Group sees new workers learn from over 170 staff at the company’s heavy haulage trailer manufacturing facility in Wacol.

The practical experience of apprenticeships gives new recruits valuable long-term skills with new technologies and established best practices that also ensure the company stays competitive in the future. Apprenticeships form the core of many vital skills at The Drake Group including vehicle body trimming, diesel fitting and working with sheet metal, along with safety training.

The capabilities of VET come into focus during National Skills Week, where traditional career opportunities combine with emerging industries to show the world of opportunities that await students and new job seekers around the country.

Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, The Hon Karen Andrews said that

“For too long, perceptions surrounding VET have been out of step with reality. Many parents are still inclined to encourage their children to go to university after leaving schools, rather than consider a VET career pathways. others are convinced that VET is only for traditional trades like plumbing and carpentry. We need to dispel those myths.”

“The fact is that VET qualifications lead to successful, meaningful, professional careers with great salaries and outstanding careers prospects.”

Getting involved in National Skills Week is easy. There’s a range of events being held around the country designed to introduce new career and study opportunities to those interested. Employers, teachers and other interested representatives can also get involved to promote their organisations through the campaign. It’s a way for people to share their knowledge with the younger generation who are seeking employment in the future.

At the Drake Group we know that mentoring and education is an essential part of fostering people’s development, so we are big supporters of National Skills Week. Contact The Drake Group to find out more about what our team of skilled designers, technicians and manufacturers can do for your business.


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