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National Worship of Tools Day is March 11

It is hard to imagine the world without tools as they are a part of our daily lives.  From the hammer, the screwdriver and the wrench to the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment, machines and tools, they are necessary.

In honour of National Worship of Tools Day, held annually on March 11, we’re showcasing our top trailers that help other industries utilise their own high-value tools. Without these trailers that are a vital part of Australia’s transport industry and economy, the use of other important tools and equipment would not be possible.

Dolly Trailers

Drake Trailers produces a wide range of dolly trailers, making light work of heavy loads for the benefit of industries that help improve roads, move structures, support the mining industries, and more. Our dolly trailers are available with ramp options, mud guards, tyre caddy, bi-fold ramps, container pins, and other custom and special features.

Agricultural Trailers

W help the farming industry to work with large-scale agricultural machinery and reduce operating risks while on the job.The AG Widener traileris recognised in the agricultural industry for strength, robust engineering, long-term efficiency, innovation, safety and rock-solid reliability. We’re proud to deliver a quality, safety-enhancing product to such a valuable industry.

Deck Widener Trailers

Drake Trailers designs and builds deck widener trailers customised to suit industry requirements right here in Australia. Custom options include tool box and dunnage tray options, spare tyre storage, tyre caddy, 9 position sliding skid plate for improved operator safety, and more.

Forklift Trailers

Our Forklift Trailerscustom designs are engineered to suit individual requirements in accordance with Australian Design Rules, Australian Standards and state/territory legislation. Forklift trailers give companies confidence to move vehicles, equipment, and heavy materials from site to site with style and ease.

Tilt Slide Trailers

Drake Trailers Tilt Slide Trailerssupport Australia’s freight transport, construction, heavy machinery, oil & gas, civil and mining sectors. Our frames can provide on-board storage for tools, dunnage, and loading ramps. All of our tilt slide trailers offer lockable toolboxes, and the self-loading feature can reduce crane costs.

Heavy Transport Trailers

We have been supporting the transportation industry for over 50 years. We focus on strength and robust engineering, giving customers long-term efficiency, safety and unbeatable reliability. From Steerable Trailers to Lowloaders and Swingwides, all of our trailers can be customised to suit your transportation needs.

Drake Trailers is a division of The Drake Group, manufacturing trailers with a commitment to safety and quality. For more information about our industry leading range of trailers, includingcustom trailer designand feature options, contact us for availability and finance options.

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