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Recent Deliveries January 2019

Welcome to our recent trailers deliveries from The Drake Group for 2019. As many of our readers know, we love to highlight some of the stellar transport trailer builds for our clients each month.

Everyone at The Drake Group is back in full force and have already seen some happy clients drive off with their new trailers. Here are just a few of our favourites.

5X8 Swingwing and 2X8 Dolly Trailer for Dunstan’s Low Loader Haulage

Dunstan’s Low Loader Haulage and Drake Trailers have been working together for over 20 years. In that time, Drake has built 13 transport trailers to this hard-working family business. Their new 5X8 Swingwing and 2X8 Dolly Trailer has not stopped working since they drove it off our Brisbane facility early this January. What Dunstan’s Low Loader Haulage embodies as a business is what Drake delivers – Strength, Reliability and Professionalism.

4X4 Steering Widener and 2X4 Dolly for Gear Shift Haulage

When Gear Shift Haulage picked up their 4X4 Deck Widener at the end of last year their team said that the workmanship and finish on their new addition was so good that they hesitated loading it. The same could be said for their New Year, New Trailer: The 4X4 Steering Widener and 2X4 Dolly. Hailing from Sydney, Gear Shift need their transport trailers to move haulage in and around the town. This is where the Steering Widener makes perfect sense. It offers all the benefits of Drake’s Deck Widener with improved stability, manoeuvrability and extended tyre life.

O’Phee Triple Road Train for Black Cat Civil

It was great working with the team at Black Cat Civil again. Completing infrastructure projects and remote deliveries across the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, Black Cat Civil needed a Road Train which would safely journey across the harshest environments.

At The Drake Group we design, manufacture and service a wide range of existing and custom-designed heavy haulage trailers for the demands of Australian roads. Contact The Drake Group today to carry your business forward.

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