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The best looking mini-models around

The Drake Group has been in operation for 60 years and is primarily known for their big trailers that have been seen carrying the largest and heaviest loads around the country. However, the trailer manufacturer has recently been drawing favourable attention from around the planet for thinking small. One fiftieth the size of reality, to be exact.

Thinking small

Drake Collectibles started in 2010 when John Drake discovered the extreme popularity of diecast models around the world. Bruce Hay shared the passion for the idea and suggested a new line of merchandise to support their trailers: diecast replicas of The Drake Group’s line of heavy haulage trailers. 1:50 scale models have proven popular in the United States and in Europe, but models from those regions have their own quirks that feel out of place in Australia. The company, working with Kenworth, made a small run of Kenworth T908 and Drake Trailers Swingwing Low Loader trailer combination models and quickly sold out. It was clear that there was a market ready for locally-designed models.

Word quickly spread about Drake Collectibles and the meticulous attention to detail Hay put into each model. In 2011 the Toy Trucker Association awarded Drake Collectibles with the Best New Model award, and UK judges found them worthy of the Best New Diecast Model in 2015 and 2016. Diecast models are not toys, but highly sought-after items that can fetch thousands of dollars on the collector market.

A big future

A newly developed app for iPhone and Android devices lets users see every Drake diecast model ever made, along with relevant information and images and a quick way to purchase the item in question. The app won the Best New Innovation in Diecast award in 2017, and Drake Collectibles looks forward to more success in the future as they continue to release new lines based on their own range of heavy haulage trailers and locally made trucks along with accessories.

New product announcement from Drake Collectibles

Three new products have just been announced, all sporting the eye-catching Toll livery. The B Double Flat Top Set and Road Train Set are both available now, with the K200 set for delivery in Mid-July.

June 9, 2018, marked the Drake Shop Collector’s Day on every discerning collector’s calendar. Held at Drake Collectable’s on-location shop, the event is the first place that new models are displayed ahead of the public release and a big stock-take sale rounds out the event. Facebook live streaming ensures that fans around the world do not miss out on the big reveals. If you missed out on this year’s successful event, subscribe to the Drake Collectibles newsletter to be the first to hear about it.

Drake Collectibles are continuing their innovation into the future with new model designs around the corner, so contact The Drake Group to find out more.

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