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The Drake Group has merged expertise under one roof

We’ve been revolutionising the transport industry for nearly 60 years. However over the past 10 years, our portfolio has expanded. In 2010, after considerable demand, we launched Drake Collectibles and in 2015 we merged forces with O’Phee Trailers – one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art semi-trailers.

The ever-expanding Drake Trailers set in motion the desire to re-launch as The Drake Group, merging engineering expertise and capability under the one banner.

The Drake Group aligns Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers, Drake Collectibles, as well as BoXLoader and Sunseeker East Coast Australia.

Merging expertise: An advantage for all

It’s an exciting time for us here at The Drake Group for many reasons. Each business comes with years of specialised knowledge and innovation in their market; uniting our insight and expertise will strengthen our position as a market leader, driving forward manufacturing technologies and systems.

Sam Drake, business development manager of The Drake Group, believes the collaboration between brands is an advantage for all, particularly clients. “The launch of The Drake Group is a definite advantage for clients as a whole. We have had great success with bringing all these companies’ products on board which will continue to strengthen under The Drake Group.”

The Drake Group Brands

O’Phee Trailers is one of the brands to now fall under The Drake Group alliance. Drake Trailers and O’Phee Trailers partnered together in 2015, and although they now fall under The Drake Group, nothing has changed in our combined effort to design and manufacture the best in Australian trailers.

O’Phee Trailers is a pioneering force in the world of semi-trailers, and is well-known for brining Performance-based Standards Scheme to life long before they were incorporated into the Australian manufacturing law.

Drake Collectible will continue to serve as a major contributor to the premium collectables market – many of you may have bought their new B Double and Road Train set at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show.

Brand BoXLoader, who we have previously collaborated with, will continue to offer vast global understanding to help The Drake Group grow in an international market. While Sunseeker East Coast Australia sees The Drake Group combine their passion for large trailers and large yachts, with Sam Drake saying “this arm of the Drake Group was born through our owner’s (John Drake – Managing Director and owner of Drake Trailers) passion for boats and interest in the luxury boat market”. Sunseeker East Coast Australia is a UK-built motor yacht company, specialising in boats sizing from 40-155ft.

The Drake Group are proud to join together brands who share a commitment and passion to quality. So go on, check out the new website and all the brands that fall under The Drake Group.

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