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The road ahead for the trucking industry (Part One)

While the trucking and road transport industry has admittedly struggled over recent years, many industry professionals have predicted a turning point, particularly with increased efficiencies and a potential rise in the mining and resource sector.

Mining downturn

According to an article published by ABC News in November last year, an uptick in the number of mining jobs in Australia is strongly indicative of a turnaround for the sector. The loss of over 25,000 mining jobs between August 2013 and June 2016 no doubt took its toll on the trucking industry, as well as heavy haulage trailer and heavy equipment trailer manufacturers in Australia (however in 2016, the Drake Group had a great year in a challenging market, by leveraging our experience in the transport, engineering and heavy haulage industry to develop and manufacture solutions for a growing customer base), meaning that the recent increase in employment can only be a positive sign.

Technological advances

If the industry is to continue in its growth, particularly in light of an increase in mining, it’s likely it will need to embrace technological advances and focus on product quality in order to compete with the cheap international market. Important updates are likely to include weight reduction in the axle/suspension and braking market, with more complex electronic support systems introduced to vehicles and trailers.

According to an article published in the March 2015 edition of Prime Mover Magazine, we are likely to see an increasing focus on safety and automation in the industry, particularly in the often-overlooked landing leg market.

Conferring to an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald earlier this year, many companies were reporting steady growth ahead of the Christmas rush, while other high-profile companies crumbled under financial pressure. While the article may be realistic about unexpected circumstances in business, it is cautiously optimistic about the financial well-being of the year ahead for major sectors in Australia. For more exciting information on the future of the resources sector and trucking industry, be sure to check out Part Two of this post.

At Drake Trailers, part of The Drake Group, we manufacture transport trailers that deliver on their promise of quality, reliability, and durability, both in Australia and internationally. With generations of experience in the heavy transport industry and a comprehensive range of facilities and services, we are well equipped to help you with spare parts, engineering services and design expertise in this exciting time for the industry. The Drake Group encompasses Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers and Drake Collectibles.

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