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Callcor adds a Full Widener and Dolly to their lineup

The Drake Group has enjoyed a long relationship with Callcorr, who have themselves been in operation for over twenty years delivering quality off-site mining equipment service, in addition to being a source of highly-skilled labour hire. They know what they’re doing, and they know quality when they see it, so we’re pleased they choose The Drake Group trailers for their future jobs.

The company has just recently added a new Drake 2×4 Dolly and a 4×4 Full Widener to their lineup, and took delivery of them both with a matching white Kenworth. The pair looked smart as they made their way out of our Wacol manufacturing facility heading back to their new home in Mackay.

It should be no surprise that the Full Widener was chosen, with its noteworthy stability and robust design that makes it an excellent choice to take on the heavy-duty mining areas of North Queensland that require no less than top quality haulage equipment. No wonder that the Full Widener has consistently been the most sought-after Drake Group model for over fifty years.

Of course the Drake Group Dolly punches well above its weight too, offering a convenient way to handle tight conditions while still carrying significant loads.

The team were so impressed with the new additions to their fleet that they took the time to post a photo of the low loader and dolly in action on their own Facebook page for all to see. “It’s been a week and our new Drake dolly & low loader is flat out doing what she loves best ??”

We’d like to thank the whole team at Callcorr Pty Ltd for the continued support and look forward to seeing what they get involved in next. If history is any indicator, it’ll be impressive.In the meantime, contact The Drake Group today about our wide range of heavy haulage trailers that can be customised to suit your needs.

Callcorr Full Widener and Dolly Rear

Callcor Full Widener

Callcorr Full Widener and Dolly

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