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The road ahead for the trucking industry (Part Two)

In an uncertain market, it is vital that companies are prepared for whatever may be on the horizon. By being well prepared, we are well equipped to assist with customer needs, whether they are in  the mining, resources, transportation or other sectors.  In part two of our two part series, we look further into the trucking industries future in Australia.

Business responsibility

According to an article published in the March 2015 edition of Prime Mover Magazine, putting an end to a slump in the industry is not just a question of waiting and seeing. While the RBA is working hard to make a change on a macro-level, the publication believes that the responsibility is with each business.

“Let’s not kid ourselves that our future in business is linked entirely to the economy. Yes, there is a level of influence, but it is just one of many. And it’s about the only one we can’t control. If you are sitting back, nervous and uncertain as to what the future holds, and looking to the economy to provide clear direction, then perhaps you could also look for inspiration in tarot cards, palm reading or any other equally useful science.” Said business consultant and Prime Mover columnist Brendan Richards.

It has been a challenging 12 months in the resources sector, even with an increase in mining looking possible for the near future, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. While a potential boom of sorts would no doubt benefit the industry, it is unclear whether a strong rebound in prices is likely to be sustainable. For that reason, it does make sense to seek direction outside of the economy.

Re-engineering Australia’s economy

According to Prime Mover Magazine, experts suggest that the focus should be on ‘re-engineering’ Australia’s economy away from resources-related infrastructure development and on becoming more efficient as a nation. In the commercial road transport industry, that may mean investing in more efficient equipment, up-skilling or getting creative with marketing, but it may also mean taking another look at a business model.

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