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What our clients say about us

Great feedback is a critical element of best-practice performance management. Or as Bill Gates has been quoted to say, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

Drake Trailers takes on board all of your comments, feedback and engagement from both new and long-time clients. Many providing some good questions, great product suggestions and has reinforced our belief that we are manufacturing the best quality custom-made heavy haulage trailers in the business.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the reviews and comments from our customers

“Thank you guys, always a pleasure to deal with. See you soon.”
Patlin Transport & Heavy Haulage

“The Rolls Royce of trailers in Australia! They’re not perfect but they come close.”
Ian Robertson

“Great work. They are the best trailers.”
Robert Johnson

“Beautiful design and engineering! Masterpiece!”
John Cleary

“Thanks guys, as usual, could not be happier.”
Michelle Bower

“The best service and the best quality in the heavy haulage equipment industry.”
Stephen Liszyk

“Big thank you to Drake Trailers, you have been outstanding with your service and very accommodating to deal with. Very impressed with our new 3X4 deck widener.”
Matthew Coleman

“Awesome people, great trailers, pleasure to deal with.”
Nick Duke

We love receiving your comments and feedback, here are some more testimonials we have received. Got something to say? Reach out to our dedicated after-sales support team or get in touch.

Want to ask us about our trailers?

Our Facebook page is also great way to get in touch with specific questions about any aspect. Here are some frequently asked questions we have answered at Drake Trailers.

Can this 3X4 Deck Widener configuration handle a dolly?
It certainly can, it’s fitted with a 9 position slider.

How much weight can you put over the (Howie Transport) Forklift Trailer axles?
When it comes to 2X2 trailers they say you can load up to whatever the allowable tyre/axle load is. In this case the Michelin load rating totals 11t and the axle group tares off at 3.5t. This means 7.5t payload over the trailer axles and whatever you can throw forward onto the drive.

Does (Clayton’s Towing) Tilt Tag Trailer  have hydraulics? How else would it move the axle group?
No hydraulics on this one. It uses Teflon pads and rollers to slide the axle group once the pneumatic lock is disengaged.

What is automatic height return on (Rob Stribley Transport’s) Deck Widener?
After unloading and with PTO or power pack running, you flick a switch and when it gets to ride height, it stops automatically, it means you can get on with tying your machine down, ramps etc.

We’re proud to be part of the very interactive online heavy haulage community and our specialist staff enjoy engaging directly with clients and anyone else interested in heavy haulage equipment. If you’ve got a question or comment for us, jump online and contact us at our Facebook page or directly on 07 3271 5888.

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