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Recent Deliveries June 2016

In June, we delivered trailers that have become some of our all-time bestsellers – including a couple of widener floats bound for the beautiful Western Downs area of Southern Queensland and a Quad Deck Widener that represents the third Drake Trailer for Victorian company Low Loader Services.

Wideners to service the Western Downs

The area covered by the Western Downs Regional Council is approximately the same size as Switzerland, covering an area of 38,039 square kilometres. The area is home to prime farming land as well as a number of high profile gas fields. Dalby, the biggest town in the region is home to the second largest cattle sale yards in Australia.

In June, the Council took delivery of two new Drake floats. A 4X4 Full Widener for their Tara branch and a 3X4 Deck Widener for Chinchilla. These trailers will be principally used to transport engineering and construction machinery around the Western Downs region, with a particular emphasis on maintaining and improving the busy road network.

Both these Wideners feature:

  • Hi-tensile steel
  • Aluminium wheels to reduce tare weight
  • Spare tyre cranes for WH&S requirements
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Durable 2-pac paintwork
  • The Full Widener features hydraulic widening from 2.5M to 3.6M
  • The slightly smaller 3X4 Deck Widener has hydraulic widening from 2.5M to 3.5M

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Western Downs Regional Council
Western Downs Regional CouncilWestern Downs Regional Council

Low Loader Services

We were also delighted to deliver a new Drake Quad Deck Widener to Victorian company Low Loader Services, who are now the proud owners of three Drake Trailers.  According to the team at Low Loader Services, it was the level of after-sales support combined with the quality workmanship of their other two Drake Trailers that sealed the deal when they were looking for a deck widener trailer to meet their needs.

Featuring hydraulic suspension, bi-fold ramps and BPW axles, the Quad Deck Widener makes it the perfect choice for both country and metro heavy haulage. With its eye-catching custom 2-pac paint job, it will be hard to miss this head turning float as it earns its keep around Melbourne and on its interstate trips.

At Drake Trailers, we can customise any of our industry-leading trailers to meet your specific needs. We’ve been in the heavy haulage transport business for nearly 60 years thanks to our outstanding level of customer service and our versatile, continuously improving range of quality Australian-made trailers. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Low Loader Services Drake Quad Deck Widener
Low Loader Services Drake Quad Deck Widener
Low Loader Services Drake Quad Deck Widener

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