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Advantages of robotics and automation in Queensland

Robotics and automation processes have rapidly changed the way Australian businesses work in little over a decade, revolutionising everything from simple daily repetitive tasks to high-end product development. The Queensland economy has undergone significant structural change in both industrial and occupational employment patterns because of this technology.

If we continue to invest heavily in robotics and automation, Queensland University of Technology researchers believe the Queensland economy stands to reap the benefits of more than 1.1 million new jobs over the coming decade.

The industries set to benefit most are manufacturing, mining, agriculture, food technology and administration.

Trailer welding

Three ways robots can be integrated into Queensland workplaces

Future work is predicted to fall into three categories: People who work FOR machines, people who work WITH machines and people who work ON machines. Robotics and automation can be used as intelligent tools, enhancers to boost human capability and “smart” field tools to enable humans to manufacture items that would normally be made under hazardous or challenging conditions.

As a result, we will see an end to boring, repetitive and often dangerous work and an advance in productivity, job creation that is satisfying and reshoring of former Queensland-based companies. Employees will see improvements in health, wellbeing and flexibility, while business owners will benefit from cheaper robot systems allowing businesses to become or remain competitive.

Queensland’s challenge and price of not automating

Naturally there are challenges to tackle when adopting robotic technology to ensure the best outcome. QUT researchers are calling for more collaboration between local industry and government, a managed introduction of automation, re-training and re-deployment and a focus on distribution of created wealth to ensure social acceptance of automation.

But how much will it cost us not to further explore automation? The report laid out by QUT says that employment opportunities face the largest risk.

Not automating in Queensland represents costs of at least $37.4 million and 492,950 jobs by 2029, impacting these key areas:

  • Initial impact on traded goods and services sector
  • A loss in competitiveness and decline in the terms of trade
  • Lower productivity growth
  • Increased imports, particularly competing imports
  • Reduced growth and job opportunities

How The Drake Group uses automatic and robotic systems

Our trailer manufacturing process has been developed over many years with a strong focus on quality, which includes the use of automation and robotic systems to heighten the talent of our experienced welders. This ensures consistency, lowers costs for the customer, improves the health and safety for our team and results in a high-end product finish.

Our superior steels from Australia, Sweden and Japan are cut on-site and welded with our state-of-the-art robotic welder which has been customised to handle a wide range of components. The design consists of a welding robot on a linear track covering three stations. One station includes a single axis rotating positioner that can hold up to 2,000kg of product to be welded, and the other station holds a multi axis positioner which can hold up to 750kg. The third station is designed for when longer components need to be welded.

Using this technology has achieved a 64% reduction in cycle time.

Product reliability is paramount and as Drake Trailers General Manager Khali Lake explains, the consistency benefits of a robotic welder directly results in a more reliable heavy equipment trailer.“Our trailers are used in some of the most remote parts of the country across a wide range of industries. Our customers need a product that doesn’t require regular unscheduled maintenance or repairs. Using a robotic welder ensures consistency across the trailer manufacturing process, which in turn provides the most reliable product possible. We know each weld will perform to the standards it was designed for which gives our customers a trailer they can rely on.”

At The Drake Group we remain committed to designing, manufacturing and servicing the best quality heavy haulage trailers available on the market. Contact The Drake Group today to see how we can move you in the future.

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