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Service And Repairs Team Maintaining Top Quality

In addition to housing our in-house design and manufacturing facilities, the team at The Drake Group also sports its very own Service & Repairs department, designed to keep your trailers as hard-working and dependable as they were the day they were first made.

The hard-working members of the local Service & Repairs team got a good chance to show off their skills recently when Brown Dog Trucking arrived at the end of last year. Keith “Browny” Brown and his wife Alana requested a new set of ramps and suspensions for their 21-year old trailer, and this was an opportunity to deliver well above expectations.

After the trailer was completely dismantled, it was obvious there was potential for more.  Through close consultation with Browny and Alana, the Repair Team enacted a full refurbishment and coated the body with a top-quality new paint job. Not only was the final result a trailer that was in perfect condition mechanically, but it also looked good as new. Highlights of the project were a new tyre crane, extra spare tyre storage, upgraded tie down points and a set of double hung ramps. No stone was left unturned on this one.

This kind of attention to detail is part of what makes The Drake Group’s Service And Repairs Team so in-demand.

Among the many skills the Services and Repairs Team bring to the table are full body painting, trailer wheel alignments and re-builds and OEM re-builds. They’re also capable of bringing their help to you, with on-site servicing and an on-site breakdown service vehicle ready at a moment’s notice.

Inside their fully-equipped workshop is a comprehensive range of spare parts that suit trailers made over 40 years ago and are still going strong. This is because our trailer manufacturing components are picked because of their high quality and suitability for long-term service. This means that not only will your Drake Group trailer be dependable for years and decades to come, but when it comes time for a service, you know your trailer is in safe hands.

We thank the hard-working members of the Services And Repairs team for the continued dedication to keeping The Drake Group’s line of heavy haulage trailers moving around Australia. Contact The Drake Group today to find out more.

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