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The Drake Group Trailers Getting Around Hong Kong

The Drake Group have been making their mark around Australia for over 60 years now, but what many people might not know is that our heavy haulage trailers have also been made available overseas for quite a long time.

Case in point is our long-standing relationship with Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transport Ltd, based in Hong Kong. The company has been using The Drake Group’s line of specially made trailers for over 20 years now, built to the exacting conditions of that market.

Like The Drake Group, Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transport Ltd have been in operation since the 1960s and know their local market extremely well. They specialise in heavy and special cargo jobs to supply the booming local economy with cargo moving, barging, marine salvage, floating cranes and many other difficult tasks that push their burgeoning fleet to the limit.

We have recently delivered to them a custom-designed and built 3X8 Swingwing, especially made for their local conditions. The key difference with this trailer is that has a dramatically shorter deck length, purpose built for getting around Hong Kong’s city centre with ease. An earlier version of this Swingwing we supplied them featured a low deck height, vertical post-hydraulic gooseneck and was specially built to handle a lifting capacity of 130 tonne. The company quickly put it to work ferrying around a 92 tonne Crawler Crane – no easy feat!

This kind of precision engineering and customisation is part of the reason why clients from all around Australia and the world turn to The Drake Group for their heavy haulage trailers. We have the capability to design, manufacture and service trailers built for any kind of lift and environment. Talk to the team at The Drake Group today to find out more about our world-beating line of trailers.

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