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Get the Low Down on Drake Low Loaders with Sam Drake

Group Sales Manager, Sam Drake, knows a thing or two about low loader trailers. As part of the Drake family he’s been around the Australian transport trailer industry since birth. And when it comes to buying a new low loader trailer, there’s no better range than Drake Trailers.

So what sets Drake low loaders apart? And which low loader trailer should you choose? Sam gives us the low down, below!

Sam Drake sits down next to Patlin's trailer to give us the low down on Drake low loaders
Sam Drake sits down to give us the low down on Drake’s low loader range

How did Drake Trailers Become Known for The Best Low Loaders?

Colin Drake founded Drake Trailers in 1958 with the goal to make the best trailers in Australia and find innovative ways to haul large loads. Coming up with new and better trailers has been our focus ever since.

One of our most iconic models is the Drake Swingwing, which first came on the market back in 1969. At the time there was a huge gap in the market for high quality, heavy duty low loaders, so Colin decided to take things to the next level.

The Swingwing gets its name from the outer decks, which open out like wings when the trailer is hydraulically widened – giving customers an easier, compliant freight option.

Since then, the design has seen a few upgrades and is still going strong. We offer a range of variations to accommodate different state operating regulations and types of jobs.

Hi Quality's Green 4x8 SwingWing carrying their crane
Hi Quality 4×8 SwingWing

Why do People Choose Drake When Buying a New Low Loader Trailer?

Drake Trailers are the go-to for high, wide and heavy loads. That’s for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s the Drake quality. Our low loaders are built for strength and durability by our team right here in Australia, with the highest quality materials and care.

Then there’s the level of trailer customisation. From minor customisations such as number/position of toolboxes, to full trailer customisations to suit different truck models and jobs. We’ll build trailers to suit our customers truck and combination.

But we’re best known for our level of innovation. We’re always looking at how we can innovate, and we’re not afraid to take on some of our customer’s more random or wild requests. It’s not uncommon for people to come to us with a concept and for us to build a whole new trailer design from scratch.

Morris Heavy Haulage Deck Widener carrying a yellow crane
Morris Heavy Haulage Deck Widener

What are Some of the Latest Innovations in Low Loader Design?

About two years ago we came up with the rear steer Swingwing, which is one of the more notable evolutions. I think the first was a 3×8 for Fulton Hogan.

The rear steer increases manoeuvrability and reduces tyre wear, among a number of benefits, so it’s been pretty popular.

(Want to see what a rear steer Swing Wing can do? Have a look at Morris Heavy Logistics’s Swing wing low loader in action, or Trailer Mag’s feature on DE Quarry Solutions Swingwing Rear Steer).

Bowers Heavy Haulage 7 Row Steerable
Bowers Heavy Haulage 7 Row Steerable

How do Drake’s Low Loader Trailers Compare?

Most Popular?

Rows of 4 deck wideners and full wideners are like your Toyota’s – there’s heaps of them out there and everyone wants one. They’re a great trailer and if you’re in the 30 tonne to 50 tonne payload range, and they do the job that most people need.

But it also depends on how you qualify popularity. Drake are well known for the next level up in heavy haulage: Swingwides, Swingwings and Steerables. There are fewer companies that need this scale of trailer, and also fewer trailer manufacturing companies out there that build trailers for this payload, so Drake are the popular choice.

Heaviest Payload?

The steerable platform takes the cake for on-highway use.

But there is another range we do that goes even heavier again, the Minesite Transporter range, which can go up to 500 tonne. But that’s strictly for off-road, private property.

Lightest Low Loader Models?

The Lowboy, is one of the lightest. It is basically a low loader disguised as a drop deck. The benefit is you get a heavy duty drop deck – which is handy for customers who do a bit of general freight, but also do heavy low loader work.

The Lowest of the Low Loaders?

That would be the removable gooseneck style trailer, or a vessel carrier. They’re both similar.

The lower models give you an advantage as they save you from getting power lines lifted and that sort of thing – which gets pretty expensive.

And Sam’s Personal Favourite of the Low Loader Range?

It’s got to be the steerable platform. It’s one of the biggest trailers we make – particularly the seven row steerable. You can get a cab over truck in underneath 26 metres.

It’s really versatile too – there’s a removable bumper and you can bolt a three row piece or a two-row piece on the back and you can build the trailer out to 12 lines.

From a completely visual standpoint, they look really cool coming down the highway.

Want to Hear More from Sam?

Check out his tour of the Active Steer Quad Axle Deck Widener, built for J.S Haulage:

Drake Trailers is where it all began for The Drake Group. If you’re looking for a quality low loader trailer for transporting oversize overmass loads, you can’t go wrong with Drake.

Give Sam and the Drake sales team a call and get the best advice on choosing the right low loader combination for your needs.

Or why not download one of our trailer information packs.

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