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Customer in Focus: Patlin Transport

Victorian-based, family-owned heavy haulage transport company, Patlin Transport is this month’s Customer in Focus. Specialists in providing transport solutions for the mining, agricultural, civil engineering  and construction industries, with particular expertise in wharf projects, Patlin Transport’s safe, modern, efficient fleet operates Australia-wide and since 1985, has earned a reputation for providing excellent value for money.

A reliable, quality fleet is key

The key to success for Patlin Transport & Heavy Haulage is their modern, high quality, GPS-tracked fleet, comprising:

  • Late model prime movers,
  • 16 late model custom-built heavy haulage, oversize trailers
  • Tilt tray trailers up to a capacity of 14 tonne
  • Flat tops and drop decks
  • Escort vehicles for oversize transport convoys
  • Crane trucks

A recent addition to the Patlin Transport fleet is a brand new custom-built Quad Deck Widener from Drake Trailers. A Deck Widener trailer makes perfect sense for a transport company that services such a wide cross-section of industries, due to the Deck Widener’s versatility across a range of environments – from busy inner-city construction projects and congested port precincts in Australia’s capital cities to remote mine sites.

The new Quad Deck Widener will join the rest of the Patlin Transport fleet transporting specialist, oversize items such as:

  • Dozers and excavators
  • Draglines and drilling equipment
  • Dump trucks and cranes
  • Harvesting and irrigation equipment
  • Cotton pickers, threshers, toppers and silos
  • Pre-cut concrete bridge sections
  • Paving equipment

Drake Trailers is very proud to be counted as one of Patlin Transport’s quality suppliers. In the words of Patlin Transport themselves: “If you’re serious about heavy haulage, you buy Drake.”

Thank you for your ongoing support Patlin Transport and we look forward to seeing you soon when you pick up your new Drake Quad Tilt Slide.

Drake Trailers is also a family-owned business that understands the long-term benefits of providing quality solutions. For over 50 years, we’ve been providing custom-built heavy haulage transport trailers, manufactured using only high tensile, quenched and tempered steel from Australia, Sweden or Japan. Every component of a Drake Trailer is carefully considered and strenuously tested, which is how we’ve maintained our reputation as the leading providers of Australian-made heavy haulage trailers. For more information about our custom-designed range of transport solutions, contact us today.

Customer in Focus: Patlin Transport

Customer in Focus: Patlin Transport

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