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Customer in Focus: SMC Heavy Haulage

SMC Heavy Haulage are a big customer in more ways than one. The company, which operates out of Brisbane but delivers across the entire country, specialises in loads that are over-size, over-high and generally over-the-top.

The team covers everything you could imagine comes with the territory of heavy haulage, including earthmoving, mining machinery, locomotives and energy equipment, so their trailers need to handle anything that their clients require.

To help them get these massive jobs done they rely on The Drake Group’s team to design and manufacture trailers built for loads that go outside the norm. Most recently we delivered a semi modular Steerable Lowloader trailer for them that is as big as it is capable.

This specially-built steerable has 10 rows of eight wheels at full capacity, though some of these rows can be dropped so it runs as a six or an eight-row trailer. The steerable model is also available in a 12-row configuration.

Of course, we couldn’t let this beauty leave without a custom paint job. We adorned the trailer with deep blue 2 Pack Paint to match the SMC Heavy Haulage branding and think it looks a real treat. Thanks to our industry-grade painting process we know that it will keep its shine even after many thousands of kilometres on the road.

This is the third trailer we have built for SMC Heavy Haulage, and the company also has a small collection of second-hand Drakes including low loaders and dollies in their stable.

The team at SMC Heavy Haulage pride themselves on how their drivers are continually receiving training to keep their skills sharp on the road. The commitments to integrity and innovation are ones that we share at The Drake Group, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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