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Drake Collectibles has expanded to a worldwide market

From little things, big things grow. That statement is true for Drake Trailers sister brand Drake Collectibles, who has launched their die cast truck model business to a worldwide market back in 2010.

It started as a simple idea and a side project for Bruce Hay, who is now the managing director of Drake Collectibles. Hay said he saw a gap in the die cast model market after talking with customers who claimed they were unable to find high quality diecast trailer models in Australia. In a light bulb moment, Hay decided that Drake Trailers should make their own as a way to market their products.

While Hay knew there was a large market for die cast trailer models, he didn’t anticipate how quickly their popularity would grow. Drake Collectibles is now a fully-fledged business and has sold over 40,000 models to date and some units going under the hammer for $2,700.

Drake Collectibles is now in high demand, with enthusiasts from around the world snapping up the entire stock of exclusive models with hours of their release.

“We have sold out of limited runs of truck models literally overnight,” said Hay, who went on to explain, “the most popular models are always the limited run of truck and trailer combinations done in Australian company livery, like the McAleese or Doolan’s”.

Bruce and the Drake Collectibles team believe the high value of their diecast models comes down to ensuring the same workmanship and attention to detail when making a full sized heavy haulage trailer for Drake Trailers is seen in their scaled products.

The future continues to look bright for the Drake Collectibles team, with the business expected to expand their range to include more exclusive and signatures series, which will focus on many iconic Australian brands. Hay is extremely hopeful about the direction, saying “we want to focus mainly on well-respected heavy haulage and transport equipment, both old and new”.

It’s not just truck and trailer fans who are buying Drake Collectible models either. Many government and training schools are using the miniature trailers to provide transport training to those working or looking to get in the sector. One of the most well-known buyers was QLD Transport, who used the models as part of their trailer training. “They train people on how to tie down, because all the tie-down points are in the right spot because these things (trailer diecast models) are so detailed” Hay said.

Drake Trailers are at the forefront of precision trailer design and manufacturing, with their Drake Collectibles die cast models giving customers and enthusiasts the opportunity to collect their favourite trailer, whether they’re sitting proudly on a shelf or as part of training programs. For all your real-size trailer requirements, get in contact with the team at Drake Trailers today.

Drake Trailers and Drake Collectibles are part of The Drake Group, a collection of companies which brings together manufacturing and engineering expertise in Australia.

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