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How we achieve higher productivity and safety through PBS (Part four)

This is the fourth and final part in our series on Performance-Based Standards. Our articles have covered an explanation of the 16 standards and approval processes, as well as important guidelines and rules for the PBS Scheme. Here, we provide you with some blueprints to make life easier. Every heavy vehicle owner and trailer manufacturer doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Blueprints for quad-axle semi-trailers

As a rule of thumb, a semi-trailer with a quad-axle group is permitted a mass of as much as 50 tonnes, in terms of gross combination. The NHVR proposes a variety of maximum group loads for axles, as follows:

  • A single steer axle should have no more than six tonnes
  • A tandem drive axle group can carry up to 17 tonnes
  • A quad-axle group is allowed up to 27 tonnes

Blueprints for quad-axle B-double

If you’re working with a combination of B-doubles, you can organise them to carry as much as two containers of 40-feet each. Altogether, the mass can be as high as 72.5 tonnes (or 73.0 tonnes) in the case of one quad-axle group and as high as 77.0 tonnes (or 77.5 tonnes) in the case of two quad-axle groups.

Additional requirements

Weight is just one of many requirements to keep in mind. In addition, pay attention to these conditions:

  • All quad-axle groups should have dual tyres
  • The rear axle should be steerable. The articulation must be a minimum of 12 degrees (in either direction) and there must be a mechanism in place to ensure centring
  • There must be a load sharing system that would work well for a tri-axle group
  • Suspension must be certified, as specified in Vehicle Standards Bulletin 11
  • The vehicle must be accredited via the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) or an equal accreditation scheme

There are a couple of options to think of, as well. Your vehicle can have “lift axles”, as long as they’re in keeping with ADR 43/04. Plus, you can work out route compliance by using the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

You’ve reached the end of our four-part series on Performance-Based Standards. If you’re looking for a PBS-approved trailer manufacturer in Brisbane, contact us today.

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