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How we achieve higher productivity and safety through PBS (Part two)

Welcome to the second part in our four-part series on Performance-Based Standards. Did you miss the first part? If you’re looking to adopt the PBS Scheme, here’s how the approval process works.

Consider your choices

Before deciding to go through with PBS, it’s important to consider your options. The first step should be meeting with a PBS assessor for a consultation. After that, work out which roads the vehicle will be using. Then, find out which of these are in PBS road networks by using the NHVR Journey Planner. Next, work out whether or not the vehicle has the option of working under a notice that’s already in place. Finally, keep in mind that you might face extra fees and a long wait, should the vehicle need a route assessment and/or an individual bridge.

Get your vehicle assessed

If, after considering all your options, you decide to go through with PBS, then it’ll be time to get your vehicle assessed. To do this, you must employ the services of a PBS assessor, who will measure the vehicle against PBS standards. Please note that this process incurs charges. Once the assessor is satisfied, he/she will send an application to the Regulator, seeking Design Approval.

Get your design approved

The Regulator processes the application before submitting it to the PBS Review Panel (PRP). This panel is made up of people from each relevant jurisdiction. After reviewing the application, the PRP returns it to the Regulator and, once it’s approved, you will receive a Design Approval.

Obtain the vehicles and seek certification

You can go ahead and either build or buy the approved vehicle(s). However, before you start using them, you must pay for an inspection, conducted by a PBS Certifier. As long as the vehicle fulfils your Design Approval, the Certifier will send his/her report to the Regulator.

Receive vehicle approval

If the Regulator is happy that the vehicle complies, he/she will give you a Vehicle Approval, which shows the vehicle’s permitted conditions for operation.

Get an access permit

If your PBS vehicle is not covered by an existing notice, you might have to acquire a PBS access permit for some roads. This is applicable where road managers are limiting axle masses or have added conditions to specific roads and/or bridges.

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This is part two in our four-part series on Performance-Based Standards. Keep an eye out of over the coming days for the next part in our series.

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