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How we achieve higher productivity and safety through PBS (Part three)

You’re about to read the third in our four-part series on Performance-Based Standards. So far, we’ve explained the sixteen standards and outlined the approval processes. Now, we’re going to examine some other important guidelines and rules.

Rules about assessors

To be a PBS assessor, an individual must be both qualified and accredited, according to the PBS’s Assessor Accreditation Rules. In addition, he/she needs a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance and a minimum of $5 million professional liability insurance. Do not trust an assessor who cannot show you evidence of their qualifications and current accreditation.

Guidelines for network classifications

According to the Network Classification Guidelines, there are four levels of road network, where ‘one’ is the most difficult to access and ‘four’ is the easiest. The main thing to keep in mind is that, the greater the access you seek, the more stringent the safety standards. A vehicle with level two approvals, for example, must meet standards concerning stability, turning, size and so on, suitable to the characteristics of level two roads, including width, amount of traffic, ability to withstand pressure and so on.

Once a vehicle has level two approval, it can travel on level three and four roads, but it cannot travel on level one roads. This system is national, making it easier for vehicles to move safely and efficiently from one state or territory to another.

Rules about operating conditions

Having PBS approval doesn’t give you permission to do whatever you like with your vehicle. In many cases, you must continue to meet operating conditions set by the NHVR and applicable all over Australia. Generally, these conditions fall into two categories:

  • operating requirements, which relate to a vehicle’s management, use and/or maintenance
  • compliance assurance mechanisms, which aim to make sure the vehicle doesn’t stop meeting requirements set out at the time of approval

You’ve just finished reading part three in our four-part series on Performance-Based Standards. Keep an eye out of over the coming days for the next part in our series. Would you like to know more? If you’re looking for a PBS-approved manufacturer in Brisbane, get in touch with us today.

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