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O’Phee BoXLoader an industry-leading success

In July 2011, O’Phee Trailers, a member of the Drake Group, delivered their first BoXLoader to Chalmers, a Melbourne-based haulage company.

To maintain their leading role in the very competitive container handling industry, Chalmers added the BoXLoader to their Brisbane fleet.

The launch of this new, innovative side-lifter range disrupted the market when its faster, easier and safer loading and unloading capabilities proved invaluable.

The technology seen in the O’Phee BoXLoader promised a rapid return on investment and ease of use when it was announced months earlier. It came as no surprise when Chalmers, whose formula for success is driven by attention to detail and a high level of service, were quick to trial the innovation after its debut at the Brisbane Truck Show.

The result of an international collaboration between O’Phee and French company BXL, the Single/B-double and road train rated trailer proved itself quickly.

Back in 2011, Chairman and CEO of BXL, Vincent Sastre said: “The liaison of BXL and O’Phee is the perfect marriage between two companies, each with a different field of expertise.

“BXL is a challenging alternative in the global side loader market, offering new technology and an acknowledged savoir faire.”

The BoXLoader, based on O’Phee’s trusted high-quality trailer frame technology, is equipped with BXL’s 35t side loading cranes. Sastre added: “A double extension stabiliser gives it excellent stability, enabling it to handle containers of 20’ and 40’.”

The vehicle was added to Chalmers’ fleet of six side loaders, and did not present any challenges to the business. As it was the first trailer off the production line, some teething troubles were expected. However, the BoXLoader presented no such issues, and seamlessly complemented their existing system.

John Carew, Director of Chalmers’ Brisbane Division said of the BoXLoader in 2011: “It’s more stable than other products on the market, and stability and safety is paramount at Chalmers.

“The stabiliser legs on the trailer reach further, making the whole system more stable. We deliver freight to Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Brisbane, and sometimes the landscape is quite rough. But the O’Phee BoXLoader’s capability to load and unload safely in a difficult environment is second to none.”

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