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Our new AG Widener is perfect for agriculture

Drake Trailers’ latest innovation is the Quad 4.5m AG Widener Low Loader, a deck widening trailer that widens from 2.5m to 4.5m and has been custom built to meet the real-world demands of the agriculture industry, where the most efficient farming methods often involve using the largest equipment available.

Transporting equipment such as tractors, boom sprayers, combine harvesters, seeding and tillage equipment and irrigation systems around a 3000+ hectare property or from one property to another requires specialised heavy haulage. This is why Drake Trailers received the call to design a trailer that was not only robust and reliable enough to withstand Australia’s harsh, remote environment but capable of transporting the wide loads necessary for the agricultural sector.

The AG Widener can carry 50 tonne payloads with ease. This is made possible through hi-tensile steel beams and fabricated cross members, all proudly designed and made in Australia from the highest grade of materials. The superior build quality of a Drake Trailer is what sets our trailers apart. Quality manufacturing guarantees a good re-sale value and keeps unscheduled maintenance and repairs to an absolute minimum – critical when you’re operating hundreds of kilometres from the nearest neighbour.

Standard features of the Quad 4.5m AG Widener include:

  • Hi Tensile steel
  • Tool boxes
  • Dunnage trays
  • Alloy water tank
  • Spare tyre carriers

Rounding out the massive, completely customisable package is the unrivalled Drake hydraulic suspension system that optimises deck stability – across the full range of widths, up to 4.5m.

Like every Drake Trailer, the Quad 4.5m AG Widener can be fully customised with a wide range of options that are designed for maximum ease-of-use, operator safety and to meet the unique requirements of your business. Options include:

  • Fully remote control functions
  • Drop-in deck sections.
  • Various tyre sizes 17.5”, 19.5”, 20”
  • Double hung ramps of various lengths and widths
  • Low profile or hydraulic raise/lower gooseneck
  • Self-tracking rear axles
  • Bi-fold ramps
  • 30,000lb winch

Backing up the Quad 4.5m AG Widener’s performance is a reliable and proven support system and readily available spare parts. Get in touch with Drake Trailers to arrange a Ag Widener for your business.

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