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Recent Deliveries June 2017

Every month we see our Australian-made trailers roll out the door, with very happy customers in tow. The feeling never gets old, no matter how many times we’ve worked with a customer.

June was no exception for recent deliveries, with two loyal customers both adding yet another trailer to their ever-expanding fleet.

A Tri-axle Full Widener for Metal Transport Industries

When you’re a business who always gets five star reviews for reliability and safety, you want a trailer that lives up to the same standard. That’s why Drake Trailers and Metal Transport Industries have maintained such a long-lasting relationship.

Metal Transport Industries is a nation-wide company, delivering heavy haulage machinery up and down the East Coast of Australia. So naturally they needed a reliable and flexible workhorse to help them operate across a variety of terrains, with a focus on optimal safety.

A closer look at the Full Widener

The Drake Trailers Full Widener has been in The Drake Group family for over 50 years and its outstanding reputation has secured its place as our most in-demand trailer. The Full Widener trailer is built to last with maximised stability and unparalleled robust design to suit even the most demanding of tasks.

Similar to the tri-axle model Metal Transport Industries drove out with, the Drake Trailers Full Widener can be completely customised to suit your businesses transport requirements. As it’s designed and manufactured in Australia, any product support and spare parts you might need are readily available Australia-wide.

This particular model also has auxiliary and optional equipment add-ons including:

  • Low profile or hydraulic gooseneck
  • Double hung ramps
  • Variety of deck configurations
  • Radio remote control operation

Full Widener for Metal Transport Industries

Full Widener for Metal Transport Industries

Another Quad Deck Widener for Troy Heavy Haulage

Quad Deck Wideners are certainly the flavour right now, with Troy Heavy Haulage (THH) picking up their second 4X4 deck widener in four years.

Delivered under moonlight, their new widener features fixed wheel track – perfect for manoeuvring around their home town on the NSW Central Coast. THH are a reliable, qualified transport service specialising in floats, tippers, interstate services and container movements. In their 20 years, they’ve collected over 80 trucks, trailers, plant and machinery to suit a large range of construction and movement requests.  We’re proud to have built their latest addition. Plus check out the finish on this Deckwidener unit!

Drake Trailers has dedicated the past 60 years to manufacturing only the best trailers and heavy haulage equipment. We pride ourselves on our exceptional build quality, progressive engineering, and ongoing dedication to innovation.

Our clients stay with The Drake Group for a long time because an investment in our trailers in an investment in efficient, long-lasting efficiency with fair resale value. If you would like to know more about our Full Widener, Deck Wideners or a custom-build to add to your fleet, get in contact with us today on 07 3271 5888.


Troy Heavy Haulage

Troy Heavy Haulage

Troy Heavy Haulage

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