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Recent Deliveries September 2017

Everyone remembers their first set of wheels, whether car, truck, campervan or trailer. Owning your first one is an unforgettable experience, loaded with micro-lessons that you’ll reflect on for the rest of your life. Or maybe not. For some, your first is a death-trap and for others – well, you take the time to save for the right model that will go the distance.

We’d go as far to say that every one of our customers remembers their first Drake Trailer, which is what we’re hoping for Vic Low Loaders who took a delivery of their very first Drake Trailer – a customised 3X4 Deck Widener.

Vic Low Loaders Deck Widener is fully loaded

Vic Low Loaders are specialists in the heavy haulage and equipment transportation market, based in Nyora (east of Melbourne). For their first Drake Trailer, they wanted a reliable workhorse with all the features that would allow them to transport a higher payload with maximum safety. Their brand-new trailer features bi-fold ramps, an under-deck tire carrier, BPW 19.5 inch axles, customised light layout and a dolly neck which increases their payload capability.

The ever-increasing popularity of Drake Trailers Deck Wideners goes to show that our customer value high-quality materials, excellence in design and engineering, and a great resale value once the jobs are done and the dust has settled.

The Drake Trailers Deck Widener has seen many versions and advancements in technology since its inception in 1986, yet it has always met the harsh Australian conditions. It’s versatility, enhanced with fixed wheel track and self-tracking axles, makes it the ideal transport solution for any high duty cycle fleet.

The Drake Trailers Deck Widener comes with these standard features:

  • 3X4 or 4X4 tyre configurations
  • Level deck constructed from high tensile steel
  • Responsive hydraulic controlled ramps for accuracy
  • Manual hydraulic widening
  • 15” heavy duty Drake axles which can be customised
  • Two horizontal spare tyre carriers, essential for remote locations
  • Groenevald auto greasing system
  • Dunnage trays and tool boxes that are lockable for peace of mind

The Deck Widener also comes jam-packed with a range of auxiliary and optional equipment to suit your individual business needs including, various axles and deck lengths, radio remote control suspension, semi-modular steering, multiple position skid plate and hydraulic powered air compressor.

If you’re like Vic Low Loaders and looking to get your hands on your very first Drake Trailer, get in touch with The Drake Group today. Whether it’s your first, second or even tenth trailer, our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you on your trailer requirements.

Vic Low Loaders Deck Widener

Vic Low Loaders Deck Widener

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