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Celebrating National Welding Month

April in Australia is jam-packed of events and celebrations, including Easter and Anzac Day. But did you know this month is also marked up and down the country – and further afield – as National Welding Month? In this post, we’re going to shed more light on this designation and how it ties in with what we’re doing here at Drake Group.

National Welding Month

Welding is an integral part of almost everything we see around us. Cars, vehicles, trailers, office buildings, planes, roads and myriad other things we take for granted are all made possible by welding, so it was decided that April would be dedicated to celebrating the contribution welders have made to the world.

Welders are hard to come by in today’s economy, yet it hasn’t generally been that way. The decrease of welders started in the 1980s, when there turned into a lessened requirement for welders. However, with the expansion in domestic manufacturing, there is presently a solid interest for trained welders.

With specialists assessing that there will be a deficiency of 400,000 welders by 2025 – and under 5% of labourers in the business are women according to the US Department of Labour – it’s essential to bring public awareness up concerning this extreme profession and make welding an exchange to be glad for once more.

What you can do

Today, more skilled welders are retiring and there has been a drop in younger generations entering the trade. Many aren’t aware that welders can make a stable income. They are also unaware of the job security that exists now. It is thought that over 50% of products require welding, meaning that this is a skill that is still very much in demand.

With welding’s future under threat, you can support young workers and educate young students as to the benefits of a career in welding work. Your business could even set up an apprenticeship programme; similar to the one Drake Trailers has run in the past with Apprenticeships Queensland.


Drake Group and welding

So this National Welding Month, take time to appreciate and learn about welding. Think about all the ways welding impacts your daily life, and help change the negative perceptions and stereotypes about the trade. So many things, from the small appliances in your kitchen all the way to space travel, wouldn’t be possible without it.

At Drake Group, we’re known for our custom, strong and reliable builds and transport trailers and quality welding, conducted by skilled engineers, is right at the heart of that.

For more than 50 years, Drake Trailers has been engineering, manufacturing and designing heavy transport trailers for a variety of sectors. Welding is in our blood; it’s what we do. To get an idea of just how skilled our welders are, enquire about our heavy haulage trailers today by calling us on 07 3271 5888.

At The Drake Group, we are a group of companies that encompass Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers and Drake Collectibles. The Drake Group are builders of widening and fixed width trailers for heavy haulage, semi-trailers, steerable modular trailers, mine site equipment transport, telescopic trailers and specialist uses. An investment in a Drake Group trailer is an investment in efficient, long-term productivity with a sound resale value.

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