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We improve output with robotic welding system

Drake Trailers, trailer manufacturers in Brisbane, have had large success with our new robotic welding system, improving our product output significantly.

The new robotic welding system is from Machinery Automation & Robotics (MAR) and is being used to improve the efficiency of our welding processes.

Through the use of the new equipment, we have cut down from three of four welding bays operating two shifts every day, to just three work bays with one operator. Using this new system, while one bay is loaded, the robot can be welding at another bay, maximising productivity and working more efficiently without wasting time.

Drake Trailers, is an Australian-owned business, has now cut down on its cycle time for welding, which was previously manually welded by workers using heaving equipment. This equipment had to be manoeuvred during the assembly process which was highly time consuming.

Not only this, but sometimes what we were working on could cause the pieces to distort and to manually fix these issues took time, which created a finished product that may have not been up to the high standards sought by Drake Trailers.

With the new robot, manufacturing time has been cut by 60% and machine time has also been reduced by between 15 and 20%.

We had briefly considered moving our manufacturing offshore, or importing products from Asia to cut down on costs, but when MAR told us about its robotic system, we opted for the robotic system instead.

The new robotic welding system was designed and installed by MAR and is flexible enough to allow for a large handling range of different components.

The installation of the robot took place over the three bays, with a track covering the stations. The most convenient aspect to the new robotic welding system is that it can operate in a full automatic mode, although changes can be input manually though a Manual Jog Station.

Drake Trailers specialises in trailer design, engineering and manufacturing and works with a number of clients around Australia. As transport trailer manufacturers, Drake builds trailers to be used in heavy duty industries such as with mine site transporters, and the new robotic welding system will improve the build process immeasurably.

For more information on trailer manufacturers in Australia get in contact Drake Trailers.

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