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Our Low Boy Trailer is essential for tall payloads

Anyone who’s had to haul a heavy load understands that different loads require different types of shipments. It’s just part of why The Drake Group make their trailers so customisable and versatile. The Low Boy trailer by Drake Trailers is an instant workhorse, able to carry taller loads in an urban and rural environment. If you’re yet to be introduced to our lowboy equipment trailer, here’s a closer look. Trust us, by the end of this article, you’ll be looking for lowloader trailers for sale to optimise your transportation business.

What’s so great about a low boy trailer?

Many of the trailers you see on the road have an extended flat bed. The Drake Trailers Low Boy, otherwise known as a drop deck or step trailer, has two deck levels. The low boy features the same great versatility as a flatbed trailer, with one difference: The lower deck allows for hauling taller than usual loads, while keeping the transportation logistics to a minimum, and by eliminating the stress of the angle in the neck allows the weight of the load to be evenly spread over the length of the beam.

It’s heavy duty, high strength and its low tare weight makes low loaders an undeniable economic transport solution. Here are just some of its features, all of which can be customised:

  • A frame constructed from high tensile quench and tempered steel and built only using Australia, Japanese and Swedish steel
  • Trailer deck lengths from 45 to 55 feet, which have the option to be extended and/or widened
  • As a standard, 3-way container pins are supplied
  • The option to include mid tilting ramps to top deck
  • Many axle and suspension options, including 3X4 and 4X4 configurations
  • Low tare weight of 9.0
  • Ability to hold up to 35 tonnes
  • Ramp length options can include lay flat for better fuel economy
  • Optimal safety with Electronic Braking System featuring roll stability

Why the Lowboy works for Schwarz Excavations

Earlier this year, parts of Queensland and New South Wales experienced another bout of devastating floods caused by Cyclone Debbie, with many months of clean up jobs ahead to restore the community and get it back on track. Schwarz Excavations was one of the companies responsible for repairing the train lines in Central Queensland. To help them complete the task and add another transport solution to their ever-expanding fleet, they purchased a drop deck low boy trailer, which we hear went off to work the moment it left the Drake Trailers manufacturing facility in Wacol.

Many standard low loaders for sale in Australia – both new and used – are available via our For Sale page, which also features a range of our other low loader trailers for sale including the AG Widener, made specially for the agriculture industry, as well as the Steerable Lowloader which is a semi-modular trailer suitable for heavy haulage including dump trucks.

Interested in a custom-design low loader trailer? Get in contact with The Drake Group today to discuss your requirements.

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