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Truck sales continue to grow into 2018

The heavy industry is welcoming further encouragement from the Truck Industry Council (TIC) who announced that sales have continued to deliver good growth, with 2,885 new trucks and 525 new heavy vans sold throughout October.

Year to date, cab-chassis and prime mover sales have grown 10.7% above the results of October 2016, while van sales saw an 8.1% increase over the same period, according to a TIC report.

Each category is performing well overall, with the heavy-duty sector achieving its second-best October result on record (1,188 new units), 36% above October 2016, whereas the medium-duty sector is currently experiencing “modest positive growth”, up 2.7%. While the light-duty sector saw a decrease in their October average, their year-to-date sales are up 6.6%, demonstrating a healthy growth for the sector.

By the end of the year, Truck Industry Council CEO, Tony McMullen, believes the industry will produce the best sales results since the Global Financial Crisis.

“All segments are tracking higher than they were at this time in 2016 and that is positive news for the industry. [It’s] A solid year-end to 2017 will result in a healthy start to 2018 and continued sales growth next year,” he said.

Matching supply with demand

One of the largest challenges Australian truck and trailer manufacturers will face heading into the next year will be their ability to match supply with demand. Waiting times for certain models are already stretching well into mid-2018, which tells the industry that they are off to a solid start come to New Year and will likely see job-growth, particularly in niche areas.

Australian manufacturing industry evolving

Despite the well-publicised colure of some manufacturing sectors, such as passenger vehicles, in Australia, manufacturing isn’t dying. According to the CSIRO, it’s actually evolving and is in the midst of significant change as new, disruptive technologies and economic market opportunities arise.

The investment in science and technology in Australia, which has focused on automation, digitisation and new materials, has changed the landscape of what it means to be a manufacturer. With a demand for niche and custom solutions, manufacturing is no longer a basic industry that employs low skilled workers.

This is evident in the quality of the trailer manufacturers we employ at The Drake Group. Every one of our apprentices are highly skilled individuals, trained in both a hands-on environment, with an emphasis on safety and innovation.

As it stands, Australia’s manufacturing industry is humming and is at its highest level since May 2002. It’s yet another sign that the Australian economy is strengthening.

As Australian trailer manufacturers, we are committed to preserving the future of the manufacturing industry, with products made on home soil, using as many Australian materials as possible. We’re proud semi-trailer manufacturers who buy Aussie, hire Aussie and make Aussie fit for the harsh Australian environment.

If you’d like to see our trailers in action, view our range of low-loaders, steerable platforms, rear-steer and custom trailers. If you’d like to collaborate on a custom-build for your industry, get in contact with The Drake Group today.

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