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Welcome Bill Law into the Group Production Manager role

The Drake Group is proud to announce that Bill Law has joined the company and assumed the role of Group Production Manager.

The role had been occupied for the last 14 years by Steve Collins who has been with the company since 2002. The Drake Group was a very different operation back then, with only 40 people filling the roster, compared to 265 dedicated team members on-hand today. Collins is transitioning to the newly-created position of Service and Repairs Manager for the group, while offering his many years of experience to Law.

Law is no stranger to the industry. He started his working career as a boiler maker in his native Scotland before moving to Australia where he took on many manufacturing industry positions and eventually joined Linx Cargo Care Group in a National Asset Management and Compliance role. He currently resides in nearby Ipswich.

The acquisition is the end result of a long and rigorous search for the right person across Australia. Bill’s extensive industry experience, coupled with his local knowledge, made him an ideal candidate. The role requires an extensive background in manufacturing processes, human resource policies and working with customers to achieve efficient outcomes – talents that Law possesses.

As Group Production Manager, Bill Law will oversee the production processes of heavy haulage trailers and semi-trailers manufactured by The Drake Group, with an eye to continually improve quality control and production efficiencies.

Drake Group General Manager, Khali Lake remarked that “as the business has grown much bigger in recent years, particularly with the O’Phee acquisition, we have realised the need to evolve procedurally. With his broad experience across a number of disciplines, we believe Bill has the right skill set to take the business through the next cycle.”

He also paid special mention to Steve Collins for his monumental efforts in the Production Managers role over many years. “On behalf of the Drake Group I’d like to thank Steve for his tireless efforts in the role. It’s really hard to put into words how much he’s done for the business.”, Lake said.

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